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Hey everyone!

I wont be around very often anymore...due to the events happenning in my life...

I love to play Viola, its my passion, and I can't deny that I'm not bad at it for my age and my number of years of experience. I also love to read, to play basket-ball, to play ultimate frisbee and to play piano. I'm canadien and live in Quebec. As a major fan of Gundam Seed, I would like to know if anybody knows some really good sites about it or other animes.

See ya all!

*Miriallia Amarfi*

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

   Hello everyone...
Never told you what I was doing on theotaku.com? Its basically commenting and checking out stuff, I dont do fanart and stuff like that...
My life is in a turmoil right know so I probably won't be doing alot of commenting and stuff anymore...sorry.