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Hi everybody :D

Thanx you all for votes and comments on my fanarts :D

And very sorry if i can't answer u all :( I'm always busy with my university homework :| (I'm studying japanese now :) Hope someday i could visit this country :D) So my site may be up...year :D But u can view more my work here : http://360.yahoo.com/vovanhic

See ya ! :D

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Relax before FINAL TEST :D
Next week, i will have the final exam at university and i felt tired and very bored this time :( Learning or doing exercise made me crazy, i dun want 2 do anything, just wanna sleep all day and night or have a bath again and again :P (The weather in Viet Nam is very hot and terible on this time ... +_+)
I think i need relax sometime and may be u do, 2 :P ... Listening to music, playing go, drawing, swimming, walking or playing game are not bad choices :D ...

And now ... Relaxing ... :)

Matrix game (I think this a bit of funny :D)

Bush Shoot out (Very old game ... :D))

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Friday, June 8, 2007

   Kakashi fanart :)
One of my most favorite character :P
He is so mystic, thats cool (I think so :P)
Hope u like him, 2 :D

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Friday, June 1, 2007

Girl fanart

Hope u don't think i'm a pervert +_+ ...
I just love the beatiful

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   My Recent Fanart
I always use 4B or 6B pencils 2 draw all my pics ... Hope u like this :D

... To be continued :D ...

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