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HI wazup i am just hannging out with my husbin Kiba and my best friends Tenten lee, Temari and one of my best friends gaara and Hinata.We all went out to get ramen and we found hkog Naruto ! Him and Hinata have kids ! A boy and a boy thay look just like him! Well some more good news is i have kids too! 3 of them! 2 boys and 1 girl !I love them so much the boys look like kiba and the girl looks like me well got to go hope yall like my site oh ya my sis has a site i am so happy the name of the site is IamSoCute go stop bye her site and sign her gb and mine to well gtg ttyl!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love yall
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Friday, February 16, 2007

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

   My story read it and comment plz!!!!!
There she is hit her! In the little town of Elders vile there was a young girl named Helen she was different. She did not have many friends she was not that pretty well she just did not look like the other kids. Her parents were rich and have lots of friends! Her mother was beautiful and her father was a handsome man! So they did not understand what she was going through. They thought she just want attention and she was being dumb because kids would kill 2 be her. So the next day at school the kids would taunt her as she walked in Helen you are so ugly no one would ever want 2 date you no one even likes you! She is a very smart girl A student the kids hated her for that 2!After school they through rocks at her said get out of here you loser no one likes you they would not stop! She ran a hid under a bridge they finally stopped look for her she started cry is she said why do they treat me like this a monster like I am not WHY WHY DOTHEY DO THIS 2 ME? So some bullies from the town who herd her cry they new her parents and they know she is wealthy so they went 2 rob her! Hey girl give us your money and you wonít get hurt! Someone HELP ME!! Slap I said give us your money and you will not get hurt but you did nit listen! Help someone please! Boss punch her she might be a talkative after that! Punch! Boss maybe that was too hard! NO just get the money and letís go! Hey you losers leave that girl alone! He punched the head bully and knocked him out in one punch the other ones just ran away! Picked up Helen and took her back 2 his house! Well I got punched heard but right before I passed out I saw a beautiful then it got blurry! I finally woke up and saw the boy who saved my life standing over me I was a bandaged up! Please donít move you are 2 hurt! Jane come here! What is it Kazune? She woke up! Oh sweet heart can you talk? Yes I can but I canít move! Well maybe I can sit up! Who bandaged me? Oh that would be me Jane well that is my name if you are wondering! And I am Kazune! Who are you? I am Helen. Are you 2 like boyfriend and girlfriend? We are brother and sister sane mom different dads right Jane? Yea Kazune! Umm where is my clothing? Oh right here Helen! Oh and if you where wondering he did not see anything! Like I wanted 2! HELEN? Kazune you hurt here feelings! I know I am ugly that is part of the reason I got beat up! That is not true Helen you are not ugly! Kazune help me! Yea you are so cute I could kiss you! Kazune that was a little 2 much! You think so Jane. Maybe I should show her? NO Jane! That is why we had 2 leave the last town! I am tired of running Kazune! I have a fox tail I got it when I was 13 now I am 14 my father is a fox demon I am weird you can try 2 kill me now! Jane are you ok? Jane I am not going 2 kill you I know how you feel! You are different so people hurt you do want you around I know! I am glad I meat you because you donít look at me like a monster Jane you looked at me like a person! That is why I was so upset earlier because the hurt me because I am ugly I am glad I meet you! I am glad I meet you Helen I am glad I came 2 this town! Yea me 2 Jane I am glad we came 2 this town! We are running out of food I am going 2 get some more food! Ok Kazune! Bye Kazune! Bye Helen I will back in a few! So how long have you lived here Helen? My whole life! Well Kazune and me will have 2 go 2 school here! Well donít hang out with me and you will be fine! No I am and I will be fine! Well how old is Kazune? Oh you like him! No I am just wondering! Well he is 13 and I am 14! How old are you Helen? I am 12. Only one year not bad! You are Kazune will be in the sane class he will defend you he may even I AM BACK! Kazune if we stay here she will be in your class you will already have a friend! Good what have you 2 been talking about? Oh nothing what did you buy Kazune? Oh some bananas and apples and some drinks! Are you ok Helen! Yes much better thank you some much if you have not been there I would have been dead! The rest tomarow!
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My doll Jane hinata the one from my story!!

elouai's doll maker 3

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

   The movies are so funny well the 2 one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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