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Hi, Welcome to my website! ^^ Hope you enjoy your visit here! Dont forget to sign my geust book and comments on your way out! Cant wait to hear from you guys! ^__^

Thursday, November 10, 2005

HELLO!!! I havnt said any thing in a LONG time, sorry about that *scratches head* but reality has just been creeping up on me... homework, school, chores, parents *sighs*... anyway, Ill try to update soon, I have alot of work to do!!!
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Sunday, September 4, 2005

um, I dont know what this is, but cool!
Angel of Birds
15th Messenger

Which of the Angels from Evangelion would you be?
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ugh! *shudders* that person scares me...

What is your Inner Anime Hair Color? (With Pictures)
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*melts inside* I hope I find that guy... I hope, I HOPE!!! *starts jumping up and down*
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YAY!!! Im not handsome, but I LOVE him...*dreamy look*
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What Inuyasha Family Member Are You?

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well, never thought id be like that... but, I am quiet a scammer! *smirk*
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What Inuyasha Villain Are You?

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aw man...
Grr, I hate Kagome! Id much rather be Inuyasha... * gets dreamy look on face*
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What Inuyasha Hero Are You?

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   posting like mad...
whoa, this is awsome! I dont like to kill! YAY!! XD

You are a protector.
Yes, you don't like to kill people. That goes
against everything you belive in. It's not that
you are a coward, but your ideals and morals
wouldn't allow it. You are the typical hero, do
the righteous things, get the bad guys and do
it all legally. But just because you don't kill
doesn't mean you can't kick ass. And that is
what you do. You use your brain and your
strenght to do honourable deeds and protect
people you know and love. If an evil guy is
going to take over the world soon, it's you who
will get involved. You hate watching innocents
suffer, and love seeing bad people getting what
they deserve. You are probably also happy and
optimistic and work pretty good in groups. And
the friends you usually make are true ones.

Main weapon: Anything at all
Quote: "You only live once, but if
you do it right, once is enough" -Joe
Facial expression: Smile

What Type of Killer Are You? [cool pictures]
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Hit the nail on the head! ^^

You are water. You are laid back. You are
friendly and very fun to be around because you
listen. You do what others usually do and
don't really mind but when you know it's
something wrong you usually just don't. You
aren't the most social person but you aren't a
mean person either. All in all your a nice
generous person and you are liked.

What's your Element? (anime pics)
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Me like stupid songs!

What Does Your Inner Child Look Like? by Keera
Astorlogical Sign
Hair Color
Eye Color
What you inner child looks like
What she likes to do the mostGet stupid songs stuck in your head
Quiz created with MemeGen!

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   Buisy, buisy...
sorry I didnt post any thing yesterday, was pretty buisy. went to the flee market,yada yada. I saw these cute lil kittens there, and they were FREE!! I wanted to get one so bad, but my dad said no... why am I telling you gusy this? ^^ I just love kitties... any way, some quizes:

Your appeal is virginal!
Virgin! You are pure and innocent... You look into
the world with wide open, curious eyes. You
love to giggle and play with your friends. If
you are honsest, you don't really care about
boys. There are more intersting and cooler
thinst than the complicatet mens, right? Fact:
You're a free spirt!

What's your female appeal? ( with pics! )
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wha?!...I love to boy watch *sigh*
*gets glazed and dreamy look on face*

You sould play the Bass!
The Bass Guitarre!

What's your instrument? (modern and classical) .. has pics..
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WHAHOOO!! ^__^

What feeling are you?

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Yeah, I always seem to have hope... ^___^

Clear blood! Pure and fresh. You love the nature
and you are very honest and kind person.
Sometimes you are a bit naive but you are free.
you have the blood of the independent ones,
enjoy this!

What is your true blood color?
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Thats pretty neat! ^____^

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

   Todays news...
ok, not much happened today... went to school cant waiting to come home, came home from school, and had myself a Bon Bon party, because ITS THE STARTING OF A 4 DAY WEEK-END!!!! YAHOO!!! Also, my fever disapeared, and all I have now is a sore throut. I had to stay home yesterday because of my fever, and now I have a bunch of HW to do... stupid HW...any way, I found a pretty interesting quiz for the day...

RUN!!! You escape! Good way to get out of troubles.
You are able to measure a situation and react
accordingly, so if you see that there is no
chance to prevent troubles, go as soon as you

How do you react when you are afraid? ( ...with pics... )
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Cool, Im a pretty fast runner! ^^

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

   Meet Bean, my very oun Furrie!
Isnt he adorable? XD I didnt know what to name him, then Bean popped in to my mind... but isnt he the cutest thing you have ever seen?!! XD
A moon from the s~lk tree

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   Meet Inuyasha!

my pet!

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give Inuyashashottie more *HUGS*

Get hugs of your own

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  okay, that didnt work...?
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   Some cute, yet weird gifs(tester... you know, to make sure it works =3)
This ones my fave!

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   Fever Ave.
T_T oh man, do I feel horrable... yesterday I came home from school feeling like I was going to pass out... had a bad fever, still have it... but Im at least well enough to post some stuff. -__- Any way... WHY WONT MY DANG PICS SHOW UP?!! Sorry, I feel really crapy, but I tried submiting one of my pictures at least ten times already... *_*
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Monday, August 29, 2005

Thats totally true, ME WUV ANIMALS!!!!!
nature girl
You are a nature loving anime girl.You love all
types of animals and care for them.You are a
calm person and loves to have people around.You
love to be outside just admiring your
surroundings and playing with the animals that
are around.Now just if you keep loving the
nature pretty soon everyone is going to copy
you maybe i'm really not sure.But do what you
do best and it will soon pay off ^_^

If You Were An Anime Character What Would You Look Like?(Girls Only)
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   This is odd...
...? I doubt some people, but not all the time...
You are the Spirit of Disbelief. You are highly
suspicious of anything that is new and are not
willing to go with change. You could have many
friends if you weren't so cautious. You simply
cannot beleive that there are people who are
genuinely good and nice. Open up more and you
will be the centre of attention. A partner
would be hard for you to find unless they prove
that they are worthy of your trust.

Which stunning spirit of emotion are you? NEW AND IMPROVED! (amazingly beautiful anime pics!)
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