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Friday, October 5, 2007

a long needed update
srry all i have been rly busy with band then after i get home i have little to no energy
last friday we lost our game at the very last end of it, it sucked!

we have another game tonite it is also an away game we are goin to lake plaicd.

we have to wear our full band uniforms now with the hat and everything so i get any pics i will post and show you! they are blue white and black(wanna guess the school colors lol) we also have the crzazy hats with the cool feather things and they are BLACK!!! my fav color!

answers to questions i got
lord_sesshomaru: i march clarnet and i play bass clarinet but i cant play bass clarninet this year becuz there is to many people on it this year

n.eways!!! i will let you know how it all went

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