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Monday, November 5, 2007

well we are done with marching now it is conert season woooo lol we got an excellent at FBA and we came this close to a supior our color guard did though and this is the first they ever got a supior iono nm is rly up uhhhh i love and icp(insane clown posse for those who dont know) lol they are great they make me laugh sooo much adn cheer me up when i am down soo if you havent heard of them go check em out
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Friday, October 19, 2007

hey well or festivel went well we got an ecellent though which is one away from the top good thing it wasnt the actuall festival that one is on november 3 that's another all day thing

uhhhh oh yeah well i got over nick i dont remeber if i told you guys or not but me and his gf ar actually good friends now and i like someone older than nick he is supposed to be a sr but he's not hes a jr. and he is almost 18 i think and his name is damon but iono if he likes me back just cuz it would be my luck i am sure he doesnt but he acts like he does all i know is that i am rly confussed about the whole situation and uhh i forgot what else i was going to say oh yeah we have another football game tonite we are playing tampa catholic and i dont have school today so i am burning time lol well ttyl

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

hey peeps lol peeps are good!!!
yeah nothing really going on just some unwanted drama and band practice today.
Remember that guy i told you all about named nick did a rlly long post and stuff well he got a gf the otherday and it wasnt me fine w.e
well his gf walks up to me flipping out saying i am talking about her behind her back i told her look if i needed to say something to you or had a problem with you i would say it to your face idc if your in 11th grade or not i will not back down she told me well if you are i will do something about it i told her look get it through your thick skull IF I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH YOU I WILL SAY IT TO YOUR FACE AND IF SOMONE IS TELLING YOU THAT WELL THAT MUST HAVE BEEN NEED TO KNOW INFORMATION AND RIGHT NOW I JUST DONT THINK YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!
she rolled her eyes and went to class
but ever since he has been going out with her he isnt acting diffrent or n.ething but he is hugging me rlly tight and he never used to do that he did once in while but not all the time idk if thats his way of saying sorry or what but i am freaking confussed!!!!!!!!

other news our band is going to a marching festival this saturday we are goin gto march our halftime show for a rating it is like a practice so it doesnt count against us it lets us know what we have to work on and stuff like that

but i will still let you know how we did

Sessylover47: yeah if you are in middle school or jr. high or w.e they call it now lol
the band doesnt go to football games if your not in hs
so hang in there it is alot of fun!
Suichiro:lamo yep we all had a great time and you should if you ever get the chance again it is sooooooooooo freaking fun!!!! and not only that wether they like it or not the ppl in the band are family and we get love from everyone so yeah it is great!
Alphonse13: what insrament does she play?

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

we WHOOPED lake placid
yes we won 57 to 0 we are so happy and we got to meet the other band they were all awesome and rly nice that is one thign i love about band is that at the game we get to meet alot of cool ppl!

well ttyl bye have a great week

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Friday, October 5, 2007

a long needed update
srry all i have been rly busy with band then after i get home i have little to no energy
last friday we lost our game at the very last end of it, it sucked!

we have another game tonite it is also an away game we are goin to lake plaicd.

we have to wear our full band uniforms now with the hat and everything so i get any pics i will post and show you! they are blue white and black(wanna guess the school colors lol) we also have the crzazy hats with the cool feather things and they are BLACK!!! my fav color!

answers to questions i got
lord_sesshomaru: i march clarnet and i play bass clarinet but i cant play bass clarninet this year becuz there is to many people on it this year

n.eways!!! i will let you know how it all went

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