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so glad of u to come to my page!!^^Well if u dont mind i love for you to sing in my guest book.well any way theres not much to know about me, but that im a simple artest trying to find her scaner and a clumsey blond/black haired girl...-_- damn i wish i knew what else to put on here,well to add no to the arttest im trying to publish my own book so far so good and im ofishaly a commic writer in my cityes teens news paper!!!>< im so proud of my sealf!!O and yes i am a vary scary person,you'll find out that by my post that i try to put up 4 u everyday!!Soo any ways...*thinking* ummm O.O ummm....ok thats all i have to say!!For now that is!
^^yeae im a dork^^

Saturday, July 30, 2005

^^; sory folks!
Umm well ummmmmers......^^ sory to all the raly grat friends i have mehd here but i have moved to Deviantart!:D i have posted up some stuff there and.......well thats it...if u would like to see whats im up to just go here!-->www.wolfaphrodite.deviantart.com im realy sory!But thats how this world goes round!:D it sucks doesent it!!!:evil laugh!!:
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Monday, April 18, 2005

Ok i think im ofishaly sick with something realy realy bad!well srry i havent been submiting any more wallpapers.due to my sickness i havent realy been up to doing much...(i feal like kagome if she were realy as sick as her family tells her skool!)well i'll try me beat to get better and set up some new stuff!!^^well see ya later!

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Saturday, April 16, 2005



DANCE PEOPLE!!!!^_____^

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