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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 10/24/04:

Anime. ^_^ You love anime.. a lot, to the point of
letting it define who and what you are. This
could be a bit unhealthy but hey, who cares?
Anime is awesome. Admit it, you sometimes wish
you were in your own anime series. You most
likely try to attend every anime convention
your budget will allow and take pictures off
all the cosplayers. You are probably even a fan

What influences your style? (Anime pictures)
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Result Posted on 10/24/04:

You are Christmas...

-| What holiday do you represent ? |-
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Result Posted on 10/24/04:

You're a Winter. You very much enjoy your time
alone but do like other people's company
sometimes. You just need your space. You have a
few priviledged friends who saw past your
colder exterior to find the true you. You can
have pretty bad mood swings (though you hate to
admit it) so you could be soft one second then
storming around the next! But over all, you're
a very pleasant person once people take the
time to get to know you. You're a good friend
for in-depth talks. You're very talanted when
it comes to creative things.(If you can't see
tje pics, go to my homepage and look near the
bottom and find your result)

What season are you? (pics)
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Result Posted on 10/24/04:

You are Robin - quiet yet powerful
You are Robin! Still young and a bit unsure of
your abilities, nonetheless you are a force to
be reckoned with, a real hidden dragon

Which Witch Hunter Robin Character Are You?
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Result Posted on 10/24/04:

Why do you cry?

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Result Posted on 10/24/04:

You are mystical!

What is your anime personality?
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Result Posted on 10/24/04:

.:You live your life: ~indifferently~:. Nothing matters. You fear nothing. Everything
matters. You fear all. You could be the perfect
partner and the worst friend/lover. There will
always be the things that matter and the things
that don't. Realize that before you let go of
your grip just a bit too much..

How do you live your life? (with pics! ^.~)
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Result Posted on 10/24/04:

Your element is earth: Wise, solitary, mysterious
and loving. You are very wise. Your wise as in
you know things others do not, you can see past
stereotypes and see the real people behind
their facades, and people will often come to
you for help and advice. Quite solitary and
somewhat shy around people because you prefer
animals and plants, animals aren't afraid to
show themselves or what they are feeling and
plants are fun to nurture. You are very strong
in your silence if you set your mind on
something you will often times pursue it to the
end. Sometimes you just want to get away, so
you seek refuge in the forest where you can
have time to think and try to sort out your
emotions. The sound of the wind usually calms
you, especially moving through the trees. Life
to you is something precious and should not be
taken for granted.

.:-|What is your true element?|-:. -With Anime Pictures and detailed answers-
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Result Posted on 10/23/04:

Your Soul Is The Bringer Of Night
The Bringer of Night

The damned soul springs eternal. Your soul is the
poster child of all that this world tries to
hide. The truth of what is, and what is to
come. You see things in black and white and
you shun the grey area where the Lost Souls
reign. You may have once been considered one
of the Lost Souls but have been damned to the
Night. Left alone, and lost a love perhaps.
Something made you this dark soul that you are
today. Something of a tragedy. You seek
solace but none is to be found for you as long
as you remain wandering in the dark alone.

Open your eyes and let some light in.

What type of soul do you represent?
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Result Posted on 10/22/04:

You dream about magic! You love to daydream and
hate the modern world. You constantly find
yourself wishing that the world had more
adventure and excitement.

What do you dream of? (anime pictures)
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