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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 04/21/05:

I am most like Miyu
You are like Miyu

Which Anime Girl You Are Most Like
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Result Posted on 04/15/05:

Angst. You are an angel of angst. Once one of
water. But your depression has caused you to
become an outcast. You love to be by yourself,
as it helps you think. You have always, and
always will wonder what has gone wrong. Your
soul has been shattered, and your wings are in
peices. But that's just you. You spend your
days searching for something. Not someone.
Though you don't know what you are looking for.
You don't even remember who you are. And are
always trying to find that person, yourself,
your soul. Which seems to have been misplaced. But. When you find what you are looking for, it
will become clear. All tragedy will be ripped
from your wings, and your true colours will
show. And then, you are the most powerful of
them all. Hang on, keep looking for it is there. Just try not
to loose all you hope and become nothing. For
you are truly beautiful.

What Type Of Angel Have You Become?
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Result Posted on 03/23/05:

You are Shia-San! You're a very quiet person. You
live a sad and lonely life, but mask it with a
candy coated exterior! You can sometimes you
can become a bit of an airhead. You adore other
people, and sometimes have hidden intentions...

Which Pita-Ten character are you?
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Result Posted on 03/19/05:
This is COMPLETELY true.

You hate not to love but you hate to fall in love.
You can't help but sigh when you see to people
kiss in the park and all. You don't like to go
over board and believe in a small steady
relationship at first so that it can grow. You
also like to think that you can have that kiss
that puts you into a portal and you can't get
back until he/she stops.

How much do you love? GOOD PICS
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Result Posted on 02/28/05:

What is Your Ideal Anime Weapon?
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Result Posted on 02/20/05:

All about YOU!

Created by iheartchocolate66 and taken 14 times on bzoink!

*Basic Stuff*
Nickname/s:Kitty (I'd like to be called that at school)
Weight:not heavy, not too light
Height:5 foot (short I know)
Movie:too many to name
Friend:lilsangofan, Cassey, Sarah(s), Rachele, Sammi, Megan(s), Amber(s), and MANY more
Song:Change the World
Show:Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, and wutever's on
Singer:Shania Twain, Tim McGraw, Jojo, and more
Ice cream flavor:VANILLA!
Drink:water (bottled)
This or That.....
chad micheal murrey or shane west (girls)?Chad all the way!
Love or Hate?Love for friends and family
Kisses or Hugs?hugs
Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate?WHITE chocolate
Day or Night?night
Lindsey Lohan or Hilary Duff?Hil
Rap or Punk?rap
Holiday where you get presents or birthday?HOLIDAY!
Summer or Winter?summer (no school!)
*Love and Relationships*
Do you have a bf?no. never had, not planning on it.
if so what's his name?--------
how long have you been together?--------
If single, do you have a crush?I think
if so on who?NOT TELLING!
do you like guys or girls?GUYS, DUH!
Are you in love?maybe
Have you had you first kiss?no, my lips are virgin
with who?--------
*Random Questions*
do you like this survey?so-so
what time is it?10:29 am
what day is it?Sunday, February 20, 2005
Do you wear makeup everyday?yes
if so what kind?eyeliner
Where do you shop?mall
Do you like Jessica Simpson or think she's retarded?no comment

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Result Posted on 02/18/05:

Goddess of Light.You are one of the sweetest ones.
Always liking everything light. You could cheer
up the most depressed person with your kind
face. You are beautiful as shown above and
everyone likes you beause of your ability to

What Ultimately Beautiful Goddess Are You? (with beautiful pictures and detailed results to put in your homepage! *forgirls*)
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Result Posted on 01/16/05:

You are Hatori-San!
You are Hatori!

Which Fruits Basket Sohma are you?
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Result Posted on 01/09/05:

~*~MYSTERIOUS ANGEL~*~ You see a figure by the
moon, you stare at it until you have to blink
and then it's gone! You sense that someones
always watching you. Day in, Day out. You sleep
comfortable at nights, but things trouble you a
bit. Even though you hide in the shadows, they
will always be there...at your side.

What type of angel do you have watching over you?
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Result Posted on 01/05/05:

the cursed springs(ranma 1/2) by Ranefea
number (1-100)
you transform into atiger
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