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Friday, November 11, 2005

hello every one, im finally back! Im 11 now. Sorry I didnt post for a REALY long time. I just didnt have the time. Well yesterday something weird happened to my friend,we where siting in our class room and our teachure wasnt there. then suddenly i noticed he was banging his head on the desk and punching himself as hard as he could saying he should die. i pulled him arm back and theatend to take his watch if he didnt stop. i wasnt serius i just wanted him to stop hurting himself. then he sead like i care and through his watch at me. then my other friend mandy grabbed his hand and he digged his finger nails in her scin as hard as he could (i knew this cause mandy was saying owch and stuff like that) then he yanked her across her desk. i started tring to put his watch back on him when he turned around and digged his nails where my blood vessels are and i can still see his nail marks today. so once i pulled him off blood started coming from his noose and me and mandy had to run and get tishues...by then a teachure was in there and was telling him it was just a normal bloody nose witch i knew it wasent cause his for head was burning hot and he was shaking. so they took him home. well thats all i have to say.
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