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Thursday, August 11, 2005

   first day of middle school!
today was my first day of middle school! yahoo! and they didnt make us work! it was like a day at the park! first thing we sat down in the gym and every one was looking at me because of my hair, then this girl talked to use then we split of into group and whent to our class with our teachers.first we got to know the teacher of course, then she started giving up nick names and came out ar cassie the cougar (weird)well let me skip all of that and get to the good part at lunch! first i found out that my friend saw all the episodes of fruits basket! man me so jeulouse..! then i hade a conversation with my crush! and better yet...it was about inuyasha! haha never would of expected that one! well then we got to eat outside! sweet! well later.
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