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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sorry I havent updated in a while, I went over to my friends house for a week so we could go to church with theme.alought been going on in my family.Lets just say that my grandmas gone crazy.So has my moms sisters,all of them so now im never going to see my cousin Ra agine!Thats not her real name but my mom dosent want me to give it out so just call her Ra. And also they were going to give me there bird rosita but now theres no chance. I feel sorry for that bird, shes a one persone bird so the only persone she wouldnt bite was my granpa, but he passed away so she dosent like ennyone. I was the only one who ever got close to her after him.No one els cared to even trie!Ok sorry, enoff of my sobbing.My moms going to get to more Mice!^^happy day! that makes 5 pets, My dog doofus, no realy ! my mom named him that, my to hansters bobo and buster, busters mine and bobos my sisters. And buster keeps on bitting me!>.< well sorry, Ill shut up now. Bye.
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