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Hi, this is my site. I used to like Inuyasha a lot but it kind of just ran on and on with all these weird side-stories and I just got tired of anime in general. I just love The Daily Show with Jon Stewart now :) Yeah, so this site is pretty much here because I want to be able to check my friends' sites, not really for me to update or anything (I have a Xanga for that, and even then I'm too freaking lazy to update, lol). But hey, I still love you all, and you can feel free to sign my guestbook, don't be offended by my disenchantment with anime. Cowboy Bebop still is cool ;)

Sunday, June 12, 2005

hey there, i'm updating. interesting.
i'm really tired right now, it's 1:13 am.
today i cooked lumpia, the filipino version of eggrolls. they were yummy-licious! i'm connecting with my roots of a sort, lol.
the weather here has been really rainy and humid, i guess we're getting the edges of the first tropical storm of the hurricane season. what joy. though, it got nice and sunny this afternoon, a rarity lately with the norm being afternoon showers/thunderstorms. hopefully the weather won't keep getting in the way of my tennis! I need to play a lot to get my skills back after a long period of not getting to play, and luckily it's coming back to me. i am working on getting my footwork back and incorporating a jump in my serve, not easy. i love tennis man!
i've decided i'm not doing orchestra next year. this was by no means an easy decision, but i think it was inevitable. i just don't have that same feeling for it anymore. i never practice at home, and there were few times that true joy of music making was felt in that class under mr. luce, but it is by no means his fault, i think he's an alright guy. i just lost whatever it was. i never had it like zach has it. he lives and breathes music. he would always come home and actually pick up his violin and just play, or pick up his guitar. my parents used to nag at me to practice and tried to actually use zach as a comparison, that whole "well look at your brother, how he plays without anyone even telling him, everyday." ok, zach is in a whole other league there, lol. i remember though, when there was a time a really loved playing. i was the first cello in 6th grade back in missouri, out of nine or so cellos. i had issues with practicing even back then, but i did a hell of a lot better with it. In Ms. Rock's class i practiced some, because of those evil practice slips. it was after i was finaly free from those evil obnoxiously colored squares of paper that i really got bad about practicing. it was tons of fun playing with Mr. K though, and that along with all my old friends brought me the joy of music. then it all just kind-of went blah. Mr. K left, a bunch of my friends were saying they would drop out, and in general the music took a huge blow. i became disenchanted with a lot of it. at the end of the year as i debated whether i would take the class, mr. luce insisted i was needed, and laura wrote in my cheap-ass yearbook about the passion of music and how it was the greatest gift and that i should stick with it. that's when i realized it: i wasn't just some lost musician that had turned away from her passion and lost it forever; i was a person full of passions that were just different from what i had felt obligated to be passionate about. i'm passionate about God, i know no matter how fucked-up my life might be some day i'll never be alone. i'm passionate about writing, the flow of words and feeling shaped and crafted in unique prints from the very soul itself. i'm passionate about art, drawing, painting, making something beautiful. I'm passionate about tennis, my thoughts have never felt so clear and peaceful as when i'm out on the court smacking the ball across the net. and dammit, i'm passionate about the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and MXC! so what mr. luce and laura need to understand is that they have their passions and i have mine, but it is the same feeling, just a different outlet. it's not like i hate music anyway, i'm also quite passionate about music i hear if not produce. so there is my thought flow/essay thing about why i won't be in the orchestra next year. I will never regret the time i spent in orchestra, and i will dearly miss it, but i feel it is time for me to move on.

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Thursday, December 30, 2004

I hope everyone is aware of the horrible tidal wave that resulted from the earthquake Christmas day. It really is terrible, so many thousands of people are dead; 1/3 of the people killed were children. Right now, America is really pissing me off, or at least Bush is. America has only sent 35 million dollars to help the people who are homeless and without food or water in the areas struck by the wave. Sure, I'm an American, and I like living here, but the phrase, "My country, right or wrong" is the most retarted saying I've ever heard. I think human life comes before nationalism, and the right thing comes before my country. I say this because a lot of anal, closeminded fellow Americans would probably be pissed at me for saying anything against America, but I really can't take it. How is it that we can spend billions on a war that was all in their heads, but can only spare a few million for people who desperately need help? And no, the "we've done a lot to help in the world before" doesn't cut it, because there are people suffering, and as the most powerful nation or whatever, we have a responsibility to help those in need. By that I do not mean we should force democracy and our western culture on other nations, deciding their own culture isn't good enough so they need to be like us. Anyway, we spent more money for our hurricane damage in Florida, where not many died, there was some damage, but most people just lost power and had minimal damage (I know, I was here for the hurricanes), than we are spending for the several countries whose people, homes, and lives were washed away, thousands dead, people starving and without clean water, bodies laying around everywhere. They even had shortages on body bags.
I just ask that you would think about these people, keep them in your thoughts and prayers, maybe try to help somehow.

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Monday, November 29, 2004

   AN UPDATE!!!!
Yeah...ok, by now you should all realize that I'm terrible with updating. The funny thing is, the popularity of my site seems to go up when I'm not around...*scratches head*...weird... SO anyway, I apoligize for the horrible lack of updates, and this is normally when I'd insert the whole, "OH I promise I'll update every single day from now on!!!" ...uh, that's not going to happen, but I'll at least attempt to maybe make an EFFORT to occassionally possibly stir up the energy and willpower to hopefully update sometimes. Cross my heart.
Uh, Thanksgiving was cool, I made pie!!!!!!! And casserole, but pumpkin pie is much more interesting. Yumminess. Now I'm completely feeling the Christmas spirit, and I can't wait! Anyway, isn't the point of Thanksgiving mostly just to be the holiday before Christmas? (don't listen to me, I'm a little hyper and stupid right now)... Well, I have nothing remotely interesting to say right now (as if all the other stuff was), so I'll just leave you with an interesting poem that I will probably right out with calligraphy in art class.

Stephen Crane- Love walked alone

Love walked alone.
The rocks cut her tender feet,
And the brambles tore her fair limbs.
There came a companion to her,
But, alas, he was no help,
For his name was heart's pain.

ok, I gotta go, so I'll talk to you again whenever ^-^!

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