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Hi! Welcome and thanks for looking at my profile. Not many people come here. Feel free to add me as a friend! So when you come to my profile, please add me and PM me as often as you like! As well, please sign my guestbook! Thanks! Hope you like my site!

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Monday, June 4, 2007

   FREE AS A BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HI EVERYONE!!! I'M EXTREMELY HAPPY TODAY!!!! I just came back from the hospital, and I'm free! My wrist has fully recovered!!! YAY!!! I can play soccer and tennis again!!! I just wanna say thanks to all the people who posted and hoped that I would get better. When I win my next competition, I'm gonna dedicate it to you guys (I know it may sound stupid to some people, but I'm so happy!)!!
I can type faster than before thanks to my quicker right hand and my originally fast left hand, but that was completely off topic! Hope that you're all safe and have a good one!!!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

   Quickly recovering!!!
I had a visit to the doctor today and she said that the bandages can come off in four more days!!! I'm extremely happy because my next soccer game is in six more days!!! Then, my tennis competition is in a week!!! I'll finally be able to play tennis and soccer again!! =D My mom even said that quick recoveries are from my genes! She told me that when my older brother was a kid, he broke his ankle. Then, he recovered in a week or so (I wouldn't know, I wasn't born yet!). Anyway, have a good one!
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Monday, May 28, 2007

   Still a "rightie" for now...
Hiya! How's everybody doing? My arm is healing, which is a good thing! =D But, for now, I'm still a "rightie". I can hardly do anything with my left hand. That totally sux because I'm a "leftie" and it gets pretty frustrating trying to write with your right hand, but can't write neatly. Even if I do write with my left, it hurts my wrist, and I have to prevent EVERYTHING that can slow down my recovery.
Anyway, hope you have a good one!!

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

   Tired of resting...
Hiya! How are you doing? My there's a soccer game today, but I couldn't play because of my sprained wrist. I had to watch from the sidelines. It hasn't been a week yet, and I miss soccer and tennis. I can't do anything! I can't play guitar, I can't play tennis, I can't play soccer, and I can't even type properly with two hands!!! This sux, I can hardly wait until my wrist heals. Have a good one!
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Friday, May 25, 2007

   Benchwarmer for now...
Hey everyone. How are you doing today? Hope you're all doing better than me. I sprained my wrist yesterday during tennis practise and I can't play for my competition on Wednesday!!! Not only that, but my soccer coach won't let me play with an injured wrist. She said that it'll only hinder my full recovery. So for now, I'm the benchwarmer...which totally stinks! My passion goes to soccer and tennis (aside from singing and anime)! If I can't do them, I feel incomplete, if you get my drift. Hope you have fun for me. (By the way, I can type faster with one hand now).
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