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Let's see, what is there to know about me? Well I have a relatively large family and extended family, but fortunately everyone has moved out except me and my little brother (and my parents). I live on the east coast in a medium sized town. I guess I am pretty smart-I haven't gotten a b since 6th grade and i'm in almost all honors classes (except stupid history), but I haven't ever really tried. I enjoy running (i guess) and do track/xc all seasons, but I also do it to be better than my brother (He was supposedly a "star") I am very competative and don't function well when I am not the best (or one of the best) at something, but stuff that I'm not good at I tend to avoid. I hope you like my site-- It's pretty boring. But anyway I hope you like it.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

   bad day...
...well bad well actually. I don't know why. Everything just has been going badly. My friend, well she's not really my friend we actually hate each other but just are too polite to admit it,were in the same group of friends, suddenly has a boyfriend (though I've never even seen them talking to each other, but i see him flirting with other girls all the time). But anyway, they started going out and now everyone in my group of friends is obsessed with going out and all want to go out with each other and stuff (lol) and it's annoying. lol They keep making plans to like quintuple date and i'm all left out. :( lol but I'm in love (haha well not "love") with this this frosh girl from xc, and I talk to her and stuff, but I'm too shy to actually ask her out or anything. And I want to get her sn because AIM is my primary form of communication lol, but I havent seen her lately because xc is over, and when I do see her she is surrounded by like all her friends and lol she always says hi to me but i don't want to walk in the middle of all them to ask her wut her sn is. But the meetings for winter sports are tomorrow, so hopefully I'll see her there. I plan to ask her to our winter dance, but thats in like 3 1/2 weeks and I don't know how long prior to dances you are supposed to ask people. But hopefully everything will turn out well.

Also winter track starts in like a week and a half, and I am under a lot of pressure. lol My brother was like a track star, and I am expected to be just as good as him (which I have to be for myself) and I have to make states this year and everything. And last year during spring track my coach expected me to be like top varsity and I couldn't do it :( . But I've gotten a lot better since then and I wasn't bad last year I just wasn't a phenomonon. Hopefully this will be a good year, though.

School hasn't been too stressful though. Haven't really done anything that hard/ challanging.

Well hopefully things will get better. Bye for now...

P.S. haha its funny how the only time i post is when I'm in a bad mood.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Wow, It's been like month scince I posted last. Well nothing really has happened since then. I went to see the Grudge 2 last friday, but it was stupid. A waste of 10 dollars lol. School has been going pretty good too I guess; the first term ends in a week or two. Cross Country has been going okay. I have had to run JV the last few races, but a least we were undefeated (the seasons over, except for invitationals and the league championship. But i am upset at this current moment, though. You see, every year the girls xc team tp's the boys xc teams houses, and the boys tp(toiletpaper) the girls houses, and I didn't get invited to go :'( You see they said the top 12 and senoirs were going, and i have been in the top twelve all season except for the past like 2 meets, and instead of me they let a different sophmore go,who I am way better than. He has been me once all season, and He deffinitaly wasn't the top 12 any of the last meets. It is just because the two otther sophmores who are going are better friends with him than me, even though I know the seniors and some of the juniors better than him. :( oh well, maybe I'll tell the girls when they are going lol they keep asking me.
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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wow, I haven't posted in a while. Everything has been going pretty good. School Picture day was today. yay :/ But at least I got to do nothing for the first third of the day.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I got 100 on my science test and 95 on my math test, which I thought I did really bad on. Then I had a cross country meet. There were 3 teams there, and I came in 14 overall. (woohoo! lol) My time wasn't too good, but I passed someone else on my team, so I'm now 11 not 12. until this saturday atleast. But anyway heres how the places went--
1- My Team (MT)
2- Other Team One (OT1)
3-7 MT
8- OT1
9-10 MT
11 Other Team 2 (OT2)
9-14 MT
15-16 OT1
I did okay I guess; good enough for me, since I'm not even a distance runner. I can't wait until winter track, though. It is the best season. But to qualify for states for 600M the time is 1:29.5 and for 600Y the time is 1:20.0 Hopefully Cross Country will have helped me for track though.

At lunch today These stupid freshman ttok me and my two friends seats, so they had to share a seat, and i kneeled down on the floor next to the table lol. But anyway this girl from my french class last year (and will be this year) came over and handed out flyers inviting people to her friends sweet 16 party, and she gave them to me the person to the left of me and the two people to the right(they were sharing a seat) and then she skipped 2 people who were sitting with us and gave them to a peson after them. They were hurt lol. But they are hillarious. They are like:
You're invited to Alice's Sweet 16!!!
Who: You! this flyer admits one person
Where: My house
Me and Cally will take alice out to dinner at 5:30. While we are gone, you come and decorate my house and bring food.

haha I don't know if I will go though. I might because the girl used to be good friends with my other friend, and whe won't want to go alone.

I don't have too much homework tonight, thankfully. I'll go eat dinner, now.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

Haven't posted in a while. Everything has been going okay, I guess. I got an 88 on my math test, which I'm content with. I'm not happy about it, but I made a few stupid mistakes.

Gym today was horrible. I have a cold and am very stuffed up, and I have gym first thing in the morning. Also, all the other guys in my class are like super athletic football players, and I have like no hand-eye coordination. I am good at running, but thats pretty much it. But anyway, we played wiffleball in gym and there were only 6 people on each team. And I did really bad becuase I was sick, very tired, and I'm not really that good at it anyway. But at least I don't have gym tomorrow because it is a half-day. Hopefully next time it'll be better.

On Saturday, We had a cross country invitational like I said before. There were 23 teams there. I came in 13/approx.300 in the JV race ( :( first JV race of my life) I got a ribbon though that said my place! lol But i came in 5th for my team, and we totally dominated the JV Boys race; we got first place and the next team wasn't even close. But, I'm sure it was just because we had 5 of our varsity runners in the JV race because you could only enter 7 in the varsity one. We have a pasta dinner tomorrow night, which I guess I'll go to, even though I've never been to one. (we didnt have any for soccer last year, or track, and this is the first one this season). But I don't have practice tomorrow (yay) because we had it sunday.

Anyway, we had practice sunday morning , so I had to miss sunday school and church, which I was upset about. But then the minister's wife called me and wanted me to go to some teen church thing, but I didn't want to go, so I didnt but she was upset. But It was supposedly full of games and music, both of which I don'tlike. Besides, I highly suspect only one other person from my church went and it would be boring with only one other person. Maybe I'll go next time.

I got the inuyasha today finally after ordering it a few times from places and not being able to get it. I'll post a picture of the cover below. It has several black and white pictures on the inside, as well as two color ones. Well, I guess we're eating dinner. So I'll go now.
Bye, Me

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Well the past few days have been okay. I'll start with school. It's been going pretty good. I had a math test today,and I know I made one stupid mistake, but I think that's it. Hopefully I did okay on it.

I came in 15/24 at my xc meet wednsday, but I screwed up a lot. First, I went out too fast, then my shoe came untied after like the first 1/2 mile, so I ran the other 2.5 miles with it falling off. Then I was right next to a person at the end, but I thought the finish line was at the top of theis hill, so I started kicking too early. You actually had to run around a big field before the finish line, so the other person passed me. :(

I have another xc meet tommorrow. I have to get up at like 5:30 tho, because the bus leaves really early, so I'm going to go to bed.

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