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Saturday, October 7, 2006


So I only get to post on the weekends =\

Well... I've had a very tramautic week.. Um.. Nothin much is going on now everything has gotten better so Hurrah!

Um.... Nothin much is going on as of now.. I feel tired though *yawns* I'll visit your sites sooner or later1 I'll chagne the theme when hae time.. I have the day off Monday!

Super short post bye =3

Lots of Love


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Mononoke Chapter 4:Two Pairs of Twins

“She was our mother…” His voice rang in her head like that annoying school bell interrupting your favorite class. “Y-your m-mother…” she chocked out, her voice was quiet and pitiful, weak. She knew what he meant by our, he also meant Tamero. It finally made sense as to why her face was so familiar, the brown hair, the blue eyes. They were the exact features of the two brothers! But this wasn’t a time to feel accomplished as Tatero started to cry again, the tears slipped from him eyes as they traced their way down his tan cheek. His blue eyes shined with intense sadness. “S-she, was the closest family member I had… Everyone loved Tamero more except my mom…” he whimpered as he shook slightly in sobs. She felt his strong arms pull her too him as she stood there. She was shocked as guilt racked through her body. This was all her fault, no Devil’s… Tears traced their way down her cheek too as a sob escaped her lips. This was all Devils’ fault. Kamiya knew she should have killed herself a long time ago. It would ease everyone’s suffering. Sobs racked Tatero’s body as he held her in his arms trying to calm himself down but failing miserably. The loss of his mother nearly killed him when he learned… She heard the footsteps start again only one pair though. They were loud in her ears. “Kamiya…” the name was growled out in a rough high voice. She gasped, no… This couldn’t be… It was Kamiru… No Devil! Tears sprung into her eyes as her arms grabbed onto Tatero tightly. Devil as coming, it was her fault; her anguish must have turned Kamiru into Devil. “Kamiya…” her name was growled out again as she clutched tighter onto Tatero. His sobs and tears long ended as he heard her name also. “Who the hell is that…?” Tatero said, there was no stutter to his voice, his words were flawless, he was just crying moments ago though. He clutched onto her tighter as his demonic senses felt the evil, powerful and leering aura came closer. Behind Tatero she saw the bright red eyes, they were hazed over in blood lust. She felt Tatero froze, he knew Devil was behind him. “Kamiya…” the evil voice called out again and she shrieked. The red eyes glaring into her soul as she immediately shut her eyes. Tatero clenched his teeth; his ears did not like high-pitched sounds very much. As Tatero was distracted Devil lunged forward her claws and fangs bared, she was going to kill him! That moment Kamiya’s eyes shot open and in inhuman speed she pushed Tatero out of the way. The sound of blood splattering onto the ground like rain was heard, and the other pair of footsteps immediately rushed forward to reveal Tamero. His eyes agape at what lay in front of his eyes. A Shocked Tatero stood to the side of the bleeding Kamiya. The bottom pf her white tang top cut open as blood seeped out of her wound. Kamiya coughed as blood trickled from her mouth. Tatero and Tamero reacted after the state of shock “Kamiya!” they both yelled in unison. Kamiya looked up at both of them with a small sad smile and lurched forward, she almost hit the ground before Tamero caught her. The two guys already knew who would have to fight Devil… “You bastard! Look what you did to Kamiya! If she dies I swear I will-” Tatero began but was cut off. “Will what?” Devil said mockingly her voice dark and slimy as a sadistic smirk played her face. Her blood red eyes filled with blood lust. Tatero growled and lunged forward aiming to punch hr when- Blood splattered forth from the now chocked Devil. The wound was exactly the same as Kamiya’s! Devil coughed and immediately turned away running off. “What the hell just happened?” asked a very shocked Tatero. “I don’t really know little brother, but it seems someone just saved us,” replied the older brother. “What do you mean?! I had it perfectly under control you asshole!” “I’m sure you did little brother” “I sure did! I would have gotten that monster so bad it would have sent it home crying!” “Ahhh… So that’s how you would beat her… Interesting…” “Shut the fuck up…” “You have a potty mouth we should get a toilet cleaner…” “I’d like to see you try…” “I would like to see me too…” “Shut up…” “….” “See no more come backs eh?” “No…” “Then why no answer??” “Kamiya is going to die…” Tatero gasped and rushed over to her. “What the hell no way?! When I get my hands on that thing I’m gonna make it wish it had never been born….” Secretly in Tatero his heart lurched, if Kamiya died then… It would be his fault; she was the one who had protected him! Guilt filled him as he clutched at his throat. It wasn’t fair, it should have been him, and he would have lived. “Tatero, this is no time for guilt trips, help me get her to a hospital or something.” “Right…” The two were actually working together! Coughs filled the air as Kamiya started sputter up more blood. Her hands tightly clutched her stomach. She had fallen unconscious earlier and was waking up as she felt herself being carried. Her vision was blurry. “Whe-” she started to cough up more blood. “Don’t talk Kam, you’ll cough more blood up, then you’ll get my shirt all nasty…” the male voice belonged to the one and only Tatero. She would have smiled if it weren’t for the pain that filled her being. She felt cold and lost even in Tatero’s strong arms. She barely noticed through her blurry vision that Tamero was walking slightly ahead of them. Her head was full of pain as she tried to focus herself. This only caused her to cough up more blood. “Kamiya try to rest, we don‘t want you to die on the way…” she heard Tamero say. “We’re going to the Hospital in the east… That’s the closest one.” Tatero said right after him. She shook her head violently, which filled her with more intense pain, causing her to cough more as her beat up stomach lurched. “Kamiya stop it! You’ll kill yourself!” the worried tone of Tamero hit her ears. “No….” she coughed interrupting her sentence. “Go… Go to that big-” she coughed again as pain filled her body. Tamero was now in front of her trying to shut up. “Be quiet you’ll kill yourself!” the older one of the two said. “No…” keeping her coughing under control she tried again… “Go to that big… Flashy building, it should have a big palm. Green and Blue lights swi-” she coughed again and this sent her unconscious. “Shit… She’s unconscious again, she said to go to a big building with green and blue lights, I think we should go… There must be something there…” The older brother stated. “What the fuck? No way! Kamiya’s life is at stake here! We aren’t taking any damn detours!” replied the younger sibling. “WE are, she must know something useful there… Or someone. Come on little brother lets go…” “I sure as hell ain’t going...” “Do you want me to call the Sub-” Tamero was instantly cut off as Tatero furiously shook his head. “We’re going to the big building!” Meanwhile somewhere else- Devil chocked up blood as pain enveloped her. She was going to revert back to Kamiru soon, the pulsing signaled that. “What the hell happened there…” the evil sadistic voice called out. She must have not known about the little thing of feeling each other’s pain and stuff. She started to pulse as the red eyes became a little duller and normal red eyes were replaced. A soft moan of pain came forward from her mouth as the body fell forward. “What the hell…” a familiar voice called out. This was Kamiru, she must have not known. “Since when do I wake up in the middle of no where and have my stomach cut open??” her voice was filled with intense pain as an arm covered the wound. “It must be Kamiya…” The girl moved slowly and agonizingly up. This wasn’t what she had in mind of sharing each other’s pain. She just thought they would feel it not get the actual wound! Since she was a demon herself she would be ok… But she would die if Kamiya did. Yes Kamiru was a demon if you didn’t already get that. Small stride were heard as Kamiru tried her best to walk in the direction she felt Kamiya. Blood trickled down the rags she called clothes. Wow she still hadn’t changed! “Kamiya, I guess that means… That I better watch myself, cause if I get hurt… Then you will too my dear younger sister.” How they came as younger and older? No body knows… Probably because Kamiya was the reincarnation of her, meaning Kamiya was younger. Back to the male twins- “Hey you idiot, I think I see those green lights…” Tatero said, his voice was laced with intense worry. “Yeah I think I see the blue ones…” Tamero said his voice was worried also. “Yeah well green is better…” “I doubt that.” “It’s true you butt face!” “Sure it is, must we always fight about these type of things? We have to hurry up and get her there!” “I knew that! Lets run, lets see if you’re fast enough for me!” “Hmmm… It’s a challenge AND a faster way to get there… That pretty smart!” complimented Tamero “SHUT UP and GET RUNNING!” Tatero shouted. The two males started to run with the unconscious girl in the shorter haired one’s arms. After a few minutes they reached their destination, they both tied. Out of breath Tatero walked up to the door, the lights were off in the inside. He only shrugged and kicked it down. “Damn doors, Heh I would have won if I wasn’t holding nothing!” “That’s a double negative,” replied Tamero. “You get what I mean dumb ass!” “I think you have that backwards…” “JUST shut up!” The two were walking though the dark room with ease as they looked round. Kamiya was dripping blood and going dangerously pale. “Stop making such a racket you little-” a woman with long blonde hair marched out of a purple door the light now on. Her eyes worked to adjust to the light, so did Tatero and Tamero’s. “Kamiya!” the Blondie ran over to Tatero and Kamiya but only to have him pull her away. “Don’t come any closer…” “You little…” The blonde haired girl grew angry, she was only wearing a purple nightgown that reached below her knees, so she didn’t look THAT threatening. “Tatero let her see Kamiya she looks like she knows her.” Tamero called out. For some reason I must mention, none of them ever caught sight of the rose tattoo. “Of course I know Kamiya, I’m her best friend!!!” the blonde haired girl cried out grabbing Kamiya from Tatero’s arms. She set her onto the floor. “Hey watch it! You might hurt her more!” both Tatero and Tamero said. “I know what the hell I’m doing!” she said. The twin’s eyes were transfixed onto the pool of blood that was forming; Kamiya’s life was going to end soon if nothing happened. The blonde haired girl reached both her hands over the wound that Kamiya hand. The wound began to glow a bright purple as she called out “Healing touch!” the whole room glowed as noise that sounded like an arrow zipping through the air. As the light died down they all opened their eyes. The blonde haired girl sighed as sweat dripped from her face. She moved to support herself against a wall while sitting. It was so amazing to the two brothers. Kamiya was healed the wound no longer there. Still, she had lost way too much blood and she was a sick pale. “She doesn’t have enough blood,” the Blondie said as she clutched onto her head. “She needs someone from her family to give her blood. “Where the hell are we going to get one of her family members in the-” Tatero was suddenly cut off as the sound of slow footsteps near by came closer. “Who that hell is that?!” called out Tatero. As the slow footsteps approached it was so agonizing to wait. They all heard a cough. A girl rounded the corner. She was covered in rags and had blood dripping down her stomach. “What happened?” Tatero called out. Not another wounded girl… “I can’t heal anymore wounds like that…” the Blondie said… The girl shook her head; they all noticed she looked exactly like Kamiya… They all gasped and in unison said, “Who are you?” even though Tatero added an extra word… We don’t need to get into that. “I-I… I’m Kamiya’s sister…” she said, her voice was light. “Can you please save her?” she seemed like she was dying too… “Give her my blood,” she continued her sentence… “What?” said the Blondie. “Give her my blood,” she repeated and the last word she was able to say before falling over unconscious was… “Please…”

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