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Monday, February 20, 2012

   Here it is, 3 years since my last post...

Wow, it literally has been forever since I was last on here. A lot has changed since then. Mainly the way I write in "internet lingo" now. Haha. I can't believe the way in which I spelled/wrote some of the things the way I did when I first started writing here. It is ridiculous now that I read back on my older posts. >.>;; Why did it ever seem cool to write like that on the internet? Haha.
Well, since I last wrote, I have graduated from high school and I am now attending college. My first year was pretty rough, and I even changed my major after my first year. I was an Animal Science major when I first started, and the math and science classes literally kicked my butt. I then switched to English, and I am well on my way to becoming a 3rd grade teacher. :) I still feel stressed at times with my new major, but not as much as I did with the Animal Science major in my first year. :3
Currently I'm taking four classes, three of which are English classes and the last being an education class. The education one is the one that is stressing me out the least, even though it has an insane amount of work required (we have to write blogs, comment on other people's blogs, do 30 hours of volunteering inside a classroom, and do a project with the students inside the classroom we are volunteering at.) I know-- crazy amount of work. But surprisingly the only thing that I am really "stressed out" about it getting the 30 hours requirement done. But I only have to go back into the classroom 6 more days (I have been going in for 2.5 hours each time I've gone in) and I have about 5 weeks of the quarter left, so it really isn't that bad. :3
My other three classes are the ones I'm stressing out about. One class is about Chaucer, the Middle English poet. Oh yea. If anyone finds reading Middle English FUN, I will definitely eat my shoe (DARN YOU PRE-1500 ENGLISH CLASS REQUIREMENT!). I'm also taking classes on American novels and British novels (and does anyone find it sad that I know more of the British novels than the American novels assigned for both classes? I, personally, find it very sad.)
I have a midterm in my education class tomorrow, and I have not really studied for it. Thankfully we were given the prompts for the essay portion (given 5 and have to answer 2) and I answered the two that I knew I definitely knew the answer to. I owuld have read through our assigned readings again, but I had to read 150+ pages of "Great Expectations" and 1000+ lines of Chaucer's "Troilus and Criseyde," which took me until about 4 this afternoon. (Yay?) Then I had to eat dinner, which took about an hour, then I decided to watch TV for bit, and then I decided to answer the two essay questions. And, then, here I am being distracted by myOtaku, a site that really seems to be dead, other than a few pages. Why am I here? Just to re-visit memories of a site that I really did love when I was in high school (albeit the BEGINNING years of my high school career-- I failed to post here, it seems, during my senior year and was on an on-again-off-again relationship with it during my junior year.) But, alas, here I am writing again for anyone who cares about the life of a college student. :3

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