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YO! This is c.bad, for all you poor, deluded, diehard fans of me out there. I shall update here on the stats of my fics in order to minimize confusion, anger, and loss of my readers.

You can add me to your friend's list. You don't have to ask... in fact, if you do, I'll impale you with a sharp, sharp stick. That is sharp. Very sharp. Painfully sharp. Razor-sharp stick. You will die.

(o.0) This is Bunny. Copy and paste Bunny
(><) into your profile to help him gain world domination.

This, made for Magnus Lensherr, is Pathetic-Excuse-For-A-Spider. Figure out a way to give him more legs. Then, Copy and paste him on your profile to see if people like Spiders or Bunnies better. I, personally, refuse to take sides.

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Friday, December 1, 2006

yo, i'm OFFICIALLY not on myo anymore.... kind of meh, you know. But anyway. Have fun, people. Bye.
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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Yo, people. This is now my ficstat page.

I know, I suck. Get over it.

ORF chapter 10: Yeah... you'll get it a week and a half.

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Sunday, March 5, 2006


I know, that was short... took less time to find baskets at Target than I thought it would.


THE OSCARS ARE ON TONIGHT! So, in the off chance that you are reading this before you go, here are !) (10) useful tips!!!

!) for god's sake, take up hours of our time thanking everyone you've ever met. I mean, why else would we be watching?

@) I hope you haven't showered in the past few weeks! There is nothing classier than a greasy-haired, unshaven person showing up at the Oscars.

#) Drink everything in sight. Leave no offered alcohol undrunk. It's great to see people stumble up there and dropt their statues after having hurled up a storm in the bathroom.

$) Everyone hates models. Take this oppurtunity to diss all the ones you know.

%) When you get up there, scream as loud as you can. If anyone asks, just say, "Because I thought it would be fun." NO ONE can deny your freedom of screaming!!!!!

^) Steal the mic. It's funny, and if you think anyone will be annoyed, you're totally wrong.

&) Sneak in beforehand and fill the envelopes with itching powder!

*) PDA's are very awesome. Kiss everyone who says hi to you passionately.

() You deserve a round of applause, too, just for having got a nomination. If someone else wins, you toddle up there and say thank you with the winner! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

!)) When you're at the podium, take that oppurtunity to say "I SUPPORT GAY RIGHTS! FUCK YOU GEORGE BUSH! WE ARE IN AMEEEEEERICA! MO-O-O-O-O-O-O-OSH!" (If asked, just say, "I've just always thought it would be fun to do that.")

Now, if you follow these tips, you should have a great time!

For all you suckas at home, just watching *sniggers* well, I have one word of advice for you. But I forgot it. Um, yeah, whatever....

Oh, right. Avril Levigne has the attention span of a sesame seed, have you noticed that? No? Well, I have.... "Why ya hafta go and make things so constipated?" excuzee meeo? Did I hear wrong?

Mmmm... rice Krispee tweets. Gotta run.

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Hello, Clarice. I'm Ba--a-a-a-a-ack!

Das rite homies, Ah am back in da HOUSE!

I have nothing to write about... there's nothing on this computer and I have to leave in a few minutes, soo, I just though I'd let you know.

Here, random pic from tinypic. Amuse yourselves.

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And I thought only I could do that. Later, peeps!

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