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Hey ya'll and welcome to my profile!! Hope you'll look at my wallpapers I've submitted!! If ya don't mind, would you please give me a note or so in my Guest book? And I'd really like to meet some new friends.
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Monday, May 30, 2005

I have found a site with tons of Inu-yasha pix for the current WPs I am making!! I've got 2 new ones sent in and they look great!! That actually didn't take me as long as I thought it would....
Anyway, if you see them let me know who you think of them!!

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   Darn it!!
I've seem to run out of pix for one of my WP's..... Now I have to go look for more....
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   More Wallpapers....
I'm going to go ahead and start somemore because I'm so gosh darn bored.... I'll try and get them up as soon as my little fingers can just for you guys!!
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My Grandma just left a few minutes ago.... I won't get to see her till August when I move. We bought a house this past week and I'm so excited!! It's over by my B/F and my freinds so it's a complete bonus!! Anyway, It's early here so my parents aren't up yet which doesn't bother me much. My bro's playing Final Fantasy 7 so I'm stuck listening to it as he plays. Gah, the song is stuck in my head!! What to do, what to do.....
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Sunday, May 29, 2005

I finally found some little avatar thingies!! Yay! I'll be updating them every now and again so that you can see the different ones! My first one is one of my faves so I hope you like it! Let me know!
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I'm sooo tired.... We went to the zoo and let me tell you I've never seen so many PEOPLE!! We would walk out of a building and there would be hundreds of people standing to get in!! But I did see a few friends from school and got to go shopping today..... Though I'm still bored...
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Saturday, May 28, 2005

   O, Bo-o-red Day!
Today's been slow. Really slow..... But I'm happy! My Grandma got here with puppies and gifts so i was excited. Not much is going on other than I miss my B/F and my friends. School's out and I haven't seen a few of them in a week or so though I talk to most of them all of the time. Any suggestions on what to do??
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