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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hello there my beautiful friends! How are you?

Wow I haven't been on here for awhile it feels like. ^_^;;; I apologize for that. While talking to Kelsey, Angel Zakuro, I realized that I needed to come on and say something to you guys so you don't worry or wonder. But first, thank you again so much to all of the prayers, sweet words, etc. you guys have said to me. It means a lot. *hugs*

Grandma is doing pretty good right now. She is home now from the hospital. In case some of you don't know, my Grandma has breast cancer so she had to get both of her breasts taken off and her lymph nodes on the left side. She went to the doctor two days ago and in the lymph nodes they found that the type of breast cancer she has is very rare....supposedly there are two types of breast cancer, you either have one or the other, but my Grandma has both together. So uh, yeah don't really know what this means...she is going to see an oncologist here soon. He will tell her if she needs to do further surgery plus chemotherapy/radiation or not. We are praying and praying that she will not have to do Chemo but we don't know....we really have no clue what will come next.

So yeah, it has truly been a stranger and stressful time for my family and I. I have been spending a lot of time with Grandma though and my Mom. I go over a lot of days to spend time with Grandma and do stuff around the house for her. I had to look at her bandages and where they did surgery on her yesterday because I had to put gauze and tape over one of the tubes she has. Oh my gosh, I almost wanted to puke. I could never be a doctor. T__T

But everything is going pretty good right now. Just taking a busy day at a time. Although I had been feeling down for a couple of days and two days ago I had a major nervous breakdown. Started thinking morbid thoughts, crying, etc. It was terrible. And today I have a really bad toothache. So ugh!!! >_< So much phooey at once! XP

Anyway, I am sorry for not commenting my friends. I miss you all so much...but I will not be on to comment though for awhile, just too much going on^^; But I will be on to update every now and again to tell you what is going. So thank you for your prayers and times. God bless you all.

Take care^^ May sunshine and happiness fill every second of your days! Thank you for everything my amazing friends!

Much Love,

Characters Mercedes and Ingway(frog form version XD) from Odin Sphere. I LOVE this beautiful game. :D <3
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