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Thursday, June 25, 2009

This is just a short post.
I'm sorry everyone for not being on much, I haven't been in the mood to comment, visit sites, etc. I do apologize for that but a lot has been going on. I know a lot of you sent me beautiful birthday wishes, gifts, and some of you even made me gifts, so thank you very much for making me have a great birthday. I will comment on everything eventually. Thank you very much though.

My Grandma just found out she has breast cancer so I will not be on for about a week or two. I will be spending some time with her. She will have to get both of her breasts taken off next Thursday but the doctor did say that it should go through smoothly. Let us just hope and pray it isn't in the lymph nodes as well.

With money problems and now this...ugh why does this have to be happening?! I know things happen for a reason but can't we have a break?

Please pray for my Grandma. And if you don't believe in the power of praying or don't believe in God, I really don't care. Please just say a prayer. It only takes 10 seconds of your life, so we need all the good wishes and hopes that we can get from everyone. Thank you.

Take care everyone! Thank you for being wonderful friends. Sorry for not being on much. I will be back on soon. Happiness and Sunshine to all of you.

Much Love,

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