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Monday, June 15, 2009

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Time: 10 AM
Weather: Cloudy and blah. -__- I WANT SUNSHINE!

Hello there everyone! How are you today? ^_^

Eh I feel kind of blahish today, not in the best mood. My sleeping patterns are off the wall and I think they are making me feel depressed. Lol. I'm a night owl so I love to stay up late and it makes me feel happy. But lately I have been staying up till like 10 am then going to bed and waking up at 8 at night. Its cutting the time I spend with my friends and family and I need to stop it. Although I love staying up late, I like daytime much better. Ugh I'm just pathetic.

I know I could start going to bed earlier and change my sleeping patterns, but here is the thing. It makes me feel depressed when I go to bed around 11 or midnight becuase I think its too early^^; so that just puts me a really bad mood, that is why I don't like school time. XD It may sound weird to some of you but weird is what I am. :) Just yeah, I need to straighten things out so I still feel happy and spend time with loved ones/daytime but still get my hours of sleep...ARGH!! SO FRUSTRATING!! *hits head* >_< I have always loved sleep but now I just hate it!

I talked to my Mom though about it and she just laughed at me kind of. Lol. She said I was taking it a bit too seriously and I probably am, but it makes me feel down. -__- I need to stop being a dramaqueen. XD

Anyway, let's see...last Saturday I took my ACT test. This is the test that decides if I get into college, at least this is the main thing they look at when I apply. So I took that which was pretty hard^^; The science part with all of its big wordy words made me want to tear my hair out. With only 35 minutes for like 40 questions is just ridiculous to me. XP The English and reading part though weren't that bad. As for math...well its math, I always do pretty bad. Lol. But let us hope I got a good score on this test^^ *crosses fingers* If I don't...well thankfully you can take this test as many times as you want. But it only comes around every other month and costs money. T___T I'm not going to worry about it though.

All of my family members keep asking me what I want to do for my birthday but I seriously have no idea!! T_T It's this Saturday and I still don't even know what I want or what to do. >_< Does anyone have any good ideas? D: Why does my birthday have to be so soon already?! Ugh I don't want to be 17!!!!! >___<

One good thing about this birthday though is that I am ordering this figure down below of Miku Hatsune, the vocaloid. :)

I already have Len^^ and I need to get this twin sister, but I want to get Miku first. X3 I think Len and her make a cute couple. ♥_♥ but I love Len more than she does!! XD



I have been watching some funny youtube and just videos lately. XD Hehe I love to laugh so these videos are my world. ♥ My favorite video of this week is this one:

Can I have your number? MAD tv. BEST.VIDEO.EVER. It is beyond LOL. :D Give it a watch!

Sparkle, can I have your number? :D Haha.

Also thank you Jerry, Xaos, for introducing me to that awesome Milo and Mijo video. XD I have been watching that like nonstop today. Absolutely hilarious.

If anyone has any funny youtube videos you would like to recommend, please do. :)

Okay...wow this post is getting a little long^^; So I will say goodbye for now. I shall be commenting and such today. :) Thank you to all of those who have commented on my latest works and posts! Truly thank you. ^_^ *hugs*

Here is my latest card. Please comment if you haven't already. Thank you to those who have. :)

Take care everyone! Sorry if my post was a little negative or down today^^; I'm just not in the greatest mood. D: Anyway, may sunshine and happiness fill every second of your days^^ Thank you for being amazing friends! :)

Much Love,

P.S. Thank you to anyone who has dedicated anything to me, such as a birthday gift or just becuase you wanted to, thank you so very much! :) I appreciate it sooo much! *hugs*


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