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Monday, October 29, 2007

YAY! theotaku is finally working again^^ ^_^ i have really missed this place. lol. but i am just happy to know how hard everyone worked to get this site working even better than before. i really envy them for their hard work and dedication.

So, anyway, how is everyone? Hopefully well. Yeah, i have been sick for the past 5 days now. lol. I didn't even go to my Halloween Parade that was Saturday. haha, i bet my Band director was furious for me not being there, but hopefully he understands why i couldn't make it. I am not even going to school today because i still don't feel the best(which doesn't bother me in the lease, lol). haha, i probably shouldn't be on the computer right now, but oh well. I just hope i get to feeling better soon, if I don't my French teacher is going to kill me if I'm not there on Tuesday. X3 He is going to be so pissed off when he doesn't see me in his class tomorrow. oops, oh well. XD

Anyway, I hope your Monday goes well^^ Halloween is in two more days. XD wow, that is so hard to believe....October! Where have you gone?! XD lol.

Question Time!!
1. What was the first anime you ever saw?
2. Do you get hurt easily?
3. Any special talents?

My answers:
1. I think it was Sailor Moon or Dragonball Z
2. yes, i am a very sensitive person. -__-
3. hmmm...i guess my ability to whistle. lol, i know that sounds ordinary but i can whistle about any tune. It actually helps me to play my trumpet^^

Well i hope your week goes well. Thank you for visiting my site^^ Take care!
~innocent heart~

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