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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hello there everyone!!! How is your week going?

^_^ Well I'm off from school now till Monday! XD YAY! haha, it feels so weird to be posting on a week day at midnight! XD i love it though^^ lol. I'm just going to take it easy these next two days till Saturday, which is the Halloween Parade. -__-

So what are you going to be doing for Halloween? Me, probably nothing. I might go hang out with my friends, but i wont go trick-or-treating. -__- I don't know why, but i have always hated trick-or-treating. I am really paranoid about it. I love to dress up in costumes in such, but just wandering around for candy doesn't impress me. haha, i dont know. I just cant believe its almost the end of October. -__- This year is going by so fast!!! XP December will be here before we know it!!!(haha, oh well, thats my all-time favorite month anyway^^)

Also, i know this is random, but some of you have asked what instrument i play in my band. I play the trumpet^^ lol, i never knew the trumpet was such a masculine instrument!! XD i thought mostly girls played the trumpet! but i was proved wrong when i walked into a room filled with 30 boys and only two other girls. lol. oh well, i have played the trumpet for 5 years now and i love it^^ Although, sometimes i wonder what it would be like to be in Orchestra....

I got to a few sites yesterday!!! XD haha, not many though. Sorry, i fell asleep. lol. But i will be getting to them all today!!! XD I haven't been to all of your sites for awhile now! So i am very sorry.


Question Time!!!
1. Favorite month? Why?
2. Favorite anime male character?
3. Tell me your goal in life.

My answers:
1. December, because its so cheery!! XD
2. Hakkai from Saiyuki, i ♥ him^^
3. To be able to smile for the right reasons


Quiz result:

Which Disney Princess Are You Most Like? (thorough!)
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You scored as Belle

You are Belle!











Snow White




Sleeping Beauty


I hope you have a great day^^ Take care! Thank you for visiting!
~innocent heart~

Hakkai =^.^=

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