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Kon'nichiwa,nyah!watakushi no namae wa mi-chan!


Thursday, March 30, 2006

   kon'nichiwa tomodachi!
how are u all?i finally got to update...i hate being busy.i had to study fer the mcas.i hate that test.i'm improving my artwerk.i'm really happy boutit too!when people ask me to draw them something,i'll do it but when my boifriend asks me to i dont.i just cant draw round him.he's way better than me.i wanna post some art werk so badly!i want to show u all some of his artwer and some of mine.we have different styles.when i tink of it...most of my freinds have there own style.I need to eat sugar so i could build up my confidence.stupid allergies are getting me a bit down.i've also been reading more manga than usual.i just started to get into the shutterbox series as well as paradise kiss.as fer anime...i've gotte into gravitation.i wanna cosplay as shuichi.^^i think it would be a bit hard cuz he's a guy and i'm a grl...-sigh-life is weird.heck in school,i was teasing my friend kevin and this grl was like:ooh!someone likes kevin.then another guy told me his name was kevin and he smiled.talk bout weird.nya!the best thing that n-e one has ever said to me:ur too short to be in the 8th grade.that came outta a sixth grader.he was so tall tho.i'm so happy i aint tall.mabe it was the clothes i was wearing.i dress up like a little kid.i'll wear a green skirt with striped leg warmers and a shirt with little bunnies on them.ooh!and i'll carry my hello kitty backpack with me.a while ago,an old man came up to me and asked me if i wanted some candy.i gave him a look and then came the potty mouth.i can be really rude @ times if i dont get what i want which is either candy,stuffed animals,or...things i could only get with the love of my life.wowie!i'm writing so much!i just like the sound of my keyboard!it sqeeks!okay...i gtg.luv u guys!

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