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HI! some of you may remember me as dolphin934. but my site is screwed up so i started a new one...as you can tell, i'm IN LUV WIT SANJI!!! he is sooo freakin cool! i luv animie and manga, i luv yu gi oh, and also pokemon! its so cool! i luv to draw anime, cook and yeah i luv to sing i luv j-pop and all kinds of cool stuffs! so visit my site anytime. add me as a friend and sign my Guest book! if you sign mine i'll be sure to sign yours...yep...so enjoy my site and thanx 4 adding me as ur friend!!!!!!!!!! yay well have a good day!


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Friday, January 12, 2007

   so whats up???
soooooooooo sry i havent commented i've been on gaia! i now ur mad cuz on my last post BARLEY anybody commented!YAY i got news im going to ash's house after school! right now its like almost eleven o'clock! so happy! right now im at computter class! so yeah! well i got the new sojo beat!!!! really god mag! i luv backstage prince!!!! well yeah and MEGAJOKe let me borrow her grafic novel altra maniac, so cool! shes so nice she let me borrw it! well yeah so kawiee!(or howev u say it) so yeah! ITS FRIDAY PPL BE HAPPAY!! well yeah hope ya'll hava good day! peace1 and all that jazz *_)) ^_^
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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

   hey ppl's stiil sited bout anime con. , so hows ur guyezez day?????
hey whats up my friends??? well yeah im realy brd! well today was ok byt i hav lots of math homework! (im so bad @ math that it makes me stinkin SICK!)well yeah me and ash(animekk) are still exsited about the con.! duah, well yeah whoever wants a neko gurl pic we shoold have those um....... yeah @ the end of may! its May 25th in durahm NC 4 any one who iz interister in going thereselvs! so yeah, my REALLY cool friend savanna(whos a big anime fan) just joind otaku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yes, well i want you guyez to look her up and make her fell welcome! go to "jump to user @ the top of ur site and tipe in "Megajoke" yeah, shes really cool, she's in my language arts class! so how was u pl's day @ skool??? well i had computer class today and i went on the internet the WHOLE TIME! lol it was fun! our ssteachers dad just died so he's benn ina bad mood usually hes like so funny, but hes benn really bummed , its really sad! well yeah i must b desperate to talk about somthing , cuz im talking about my SOCIALSTUDIEZ TEACHER!!!!!!! yeah well i have nothing to TALK ABOUT! man im bord well yeah! c ya l8er
ps. tell me bout ur day! im bord n stuff, yeah, wellum......... sry sucha bord post!

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Sunday, December 3, 2006

OMG OMfreakingg! guess what! animekitkats mom is so flipping cool!IN MAY ME AND MEECH(ANIMEKK)ARE GOING TO DURAM NORTH CAROLINA TO AN ANIME CONVENTIONNNNNNN*me and meech dances*
we are so freaking exsited! i just found out last night, when meech called me!
there are tons of contests and heres some were doing:

*karaoke contest(were singing in jappaneese)
*its going to be held in this huge hotel loby(its animazment)

Ok weve allready got or costoom ideas:

*nami(from one piece)shes my "main costoom"
*zoro(from one piece) thats akk's "main costoom"
*chopper(from one piece) thats my "easy costoom"
*vivi(from one piece) thats akk's "easy costoom"
*neko gurl(aka: kat gurlz)thats my "random costoom"
*neko gurl(aka: kat gurlz thats her "random costoom"

well any ways as u cen c were so FREAKING EXSITED! were doing double chorez, and akk is like doing a dog service in her neioborhood! so yeah! were so happy, cuz weve NEVA BEEN TO AN ANIME CON> B4!!!!

~Sadly, changing the subject~

well yesterday ROCKED, we went shopping, and i goot new clothez from old navy, then 4 da first time we went to the $ theater and saw : PIRETES OF THE FREAKING CARRABEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK i LUV JONNEY JEPP and only akk (and my scaried family) no's how much also orlando bloom

~changing subject~

well im gona stp writing and do somting normal! ha (4 once!) well ttyl and hava good day!

Random quotez of the day:

"I need my jar of dirt" - hawt jonny jep(aka: captian jack spparow

"yes i luv good moments, i like to wave at them as they pass by" - again jonny depp(aka:captain jack sparow

"u spell funny" - depp(aka: captian jack sparrow

yes, i AM obsesed with jonny depp and that movie so good bye and good day!, i will check all my friends and visit the ones who updated! ttyl ^_^

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Saturday, December 2, 2006

   well tahnx u guyz, and me iz bord!
hey ppl's thanx 4 the comments i gotta lot, oh and u no the comment with MY PIC! that WAS ANIMEKITKATZZZZ she, da little blood sucking devel has my password!!!!!! errrrrgggggggg ok, i admit I have HER password 2! so hows everybody! yay today i got like 3 new gb entrys! EVERYBODYS updating today! its freaking crazy! well i think this is gonna bea short post, if not tell me! so what do u ppl tink of my new bg, ok???? not ok??? well im going shopping ina minnute so ima gonna have 2 leave! i think were going to hardeez!!! yay they have new chille cheese fries!my dad and brother are going to see pirrates of the carabean @ the $ theator AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! i havent saw it but I LUVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV JONNNY DEPPPPPP hes so hawt!*sizzle* well yeah enough day dreammin yeah i hpe every ppl hasa good wekkend see ya!
10:41 am

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Friday, December 1, 2006

   Im home sick! Exsitin! oh yes!
im sick....... im on the computer and i think im going to pass out! lol ???? so oh, how was everybodyz wekk????????? well IVE been home all freaking week! (exsept 4 monday) well im really bord, but 1 good think iz my moms pickin me up some food from......... like um taco bell or somting, and she getting me a gift! (Everytime im sick she gettz me a lil somtin somtin) so yeah! whats new???

~Changing subject~

INTRODOOCER: helo and welcome to another segment of ...*Drumroll* "RANDOM CRAP OF DA DAY!" on lats weeks sement we had ?'s like: who'z ur fav actor? and whats ur fav anime??? , so herez ur host Yumi yusimicho with ur ?'s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CROWD: woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo*claps so very loudly!*

YUMI(ur host):good afternoon otaku!!!!!!!!!!!! well herez ur ?'s of the day!!!!!!!

1)what r u ppl's doing this weekend(this IZ NOT A NASTY ? U PERVERTS!)

2)ona skale of 1 to 15 how wood u rate my site???(B PERFECTLY HOUNEST!)

3)what is ur ideal carrear????

4) if u could meet 1 anime charicter WHO wood it be????

5)whats ur fav anime person to draw??? (dont just write dow ur fav charicter, chooze da one u draw the BEST!)

6) what anime charicter wood u wanna get married 2???

Ok then, that just about wraps up our segment for today for "Random crap of the day!" , im Yumi Yusimako, ha, see u fellow otakianz (or whatev u call em) NEXT week!

INTRODOOCER:stay tooed next week 4...... new and improveed ?'s like.......well wee will tell ya next week

CROWD: woooooooooooo we luv u yuuuuuummmmmmmmiiiii (claps and screemez!)

YUMI(ur host): thank u, thank u , entell next week, im Yumi ysimicko, and that was our show!!!!!!

MOOSIC: da da da da, da dom

ok! well hav a good day pplz, i think this was my longest post ever well hava great day!!!!!!! ttyl *_)) ~YUMI~

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