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Hi! You've somehow [possibly mysteriously or stalkerishly] happened to stumble upon my site...so uh...Welcome! I'm Lindsay and I hope you like my site! I'm learning how to do kewl things with my site because of Shishou's Tutorial [thanx!] so go to this site if you wanna learn too!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

   Evilness and sewing
Good news. DarkElementKitty isn't dead. But she DID hack into my site and change my background to Barney [I changed it to something else.] She is truly evil. But I love her anyway. That won't stop me from killing her when she gets back, though. On to the next topic. I went to some sewing lessons today [I know, shocker!] and I am working on making a black and white skirt. I figured I needed a hobby, and have at least one housewife quality. I mean, even guys have to. So might as well sew. So far, it has been very painful, sticking myself with pins to cut out the patterns. I have a new respect for housewifes, but not enough to become one. Wish me luck!
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