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Well, well, well. Look what stumbled upon my little humble abode...

I welcome you to my little home in the shadows of The Otaku, My Otaku.

I don't have much to offer you here, but I ask that if the post below is less then a week old that you comment on it. I don't get those much and I appreciate them.

I would also like your opinions on my art. Though what I draw isn't perfect, I still want the world's opinion on it, be it good or bad.

I do hope you enjoy the music as well, I find myself coming back here on occasion just to listen to it.

Now, one thing you may or may not have noticed if you see me around TheO or MyO, is that I sometimes put some random phrase or second name under mine on comments and GB entries. Those depend on my mood. A few of the more recent ones that I use? 'Black Out', 'Talon & Fang'(used in Lunar World under every post), 'Shifter of the Past'- that one is because I went by so many other names on this acount alone-, and then there is my little quote...
'Let the sun bleed out, the Black Out's back...'

There isn't much else I can say for my page, but there are many other places in which I dwell.

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Friday, April 10, 2009

.: ... :.

Hey peeps. I said I was going to update this a long time ago, and sorry but I am just now getting to it.
Well, aside from the normal crap that life has tossed my way, most of which I have managed to duck, dodge, and weave my way out of, I don't really have much more to do. I have been going crazy with making wallpapers and banners, but aside from that the only thing I have really done is write. I have a new story out and I also have another piece to the 'Angels' series. Yes it is an addiction, I love writting with Ikira and Rykira. I'll admit that much.
I do have one thing to report however... I have found my glasses, my phone, and a randomly located Electric Energy card from the card game, Poke-mon. Yep. I still had one stashed without my knowing. But aside from all that randomness I don't have much to say...
Yeah, enough rambaling. Bye.

~* Ikara-o-Kage *~

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