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Ello I'm Ihjiry Yamaguchi I'm also known as Bob 4 sum reson that I'm not aware of.
Any wayz If u don't like alesbo's or gay's and accashinaly horny bastard's then leave now.
I have a very dark and strange mind and my friends say I'm evil.
Hehe fit's me perfectly.
( )_( )
this is bunny
bunny sees hi
you know what
bunny want's
bunny want's
to be on your
site ^-^

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hehe, I'm bored. I'm also going to party today^w^
I'm multytasking right now. I'm pealing an orange and getting reaty and typing this down. Oh, I'm
funna go to teh beach tumarow>x]
I'm fanna party till I'm purpol!!!!!!!!!!
Not realy I'm just goingto my cousin's b-day party at his mom's cupcake shop.
Her cupcakes are awsum!!!!>w<
I'm also sickTT-TT
I hope I don't get any sicker!! I hate being sick
......well bye bye!!!!!!!!

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