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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

boo ya my story take that lol
Loner Wolf the Grand Pearl
Chapter 2
“Raske, you want to go with Pray and me to go get some food?” Esy asked.
“Sure, I need a little walk...” Raske replied.
“Yo, Jewel, you want to come with.” Esy said Jewel nodded her head and the three of them left.
Cheese sighed. Mixture just sighed as he watched from high up in a tree.
“Yo. Rat why have been so quite lately?”Prince asked Inuy.
‘I’m a fox for one thing, and I know if I were to say something you will have something slick to say. Am I correct, you stupid rabbit?” Inuy replied.
“Who you calling stupid rat.” Prince shouted. Cheese and Unary sighed knowing what will happen next.
“Before you two start fighting maybe we should start wondering what’s wrong with Raske.” Cheese said. Prince realized that he wasn’t the only one to recognize her odd behavior.
“Do you know what going on with her Unary? Since, you are a witch wolf as well.” Inuy said
“Yes, I do know what is going on with her. But I am not sure if I should tell you.” Unary replied. Inuy got ready to say something, but Pray came rushing out the trees gasping for air, she slowly began to speak.
“Raske, Esy, fighting blacked capped women” Pray said. Unary ran off in a rush, knowing there was more to the story. When he found Esy and Raske, the three blacked capped women, were on the floor dead.
“I guess Pray reached you, but you’re kind of late, Raske took care of them by herself.” Esy said. Unary looked at Raske; she was taking the women weapons then got up. She threw a knife to her left, it hit something.
Raske walked over to it and pulled the knife out of the head of a giant deer.
“There, dinner, Unary do you mind brining it back to the camp.” Raske said. Unary with out a question nodded his head. Raske and Esy headed back to the camp.
“Thanks for not saying anything Esy.” Raske gratefully said.
“No problem, it’s a secret between us two girls.” Esy said. She till imaged, Raske killing every last one of them. Then drinking every last inch of there blood. The horrifying image just kept playing in her mind.
“Raske, are you okay?” Prince asked when he saw the two coming. Raske didn’t answer she just went into a near by cave. Esy walked over to him, still replaying the dark image.
“She is fine Prince; don’t worry too much about her.” Esy whispered.
“Where is Jewel?” Inuy asked.
“She vanished once we were ambushed.” Esy replied. Unary finally returned, Jewel was with him.
“What happened to you Jewel?” Esy questioned. Prince not wanting to listen went inside the same cave as Raske. He saw Raske hitting her head against the wall of the cave. Prince quickly ran over and tried to stop her. He faced her to look at him, Raske eyes were turning a pitch black.
“Raske what is happening to you?” Prince said. Her eyes slowly went back to there original violet color, as Prince tightly held her.
“Prince, I am sorry. I am causing you more trouble, again.” Raske mumbled. Prince slowly let go of her then walked out the cave.
“So?” Cheese said. Prince glanced to the connor and saw Cheese leaning against a tree.
”What.” Prince replied.
“You find out what is wrong with her?” Cheese said. Prince looked away so Cheese took that as a no. The two walked over to where the others were. Cheese went by Pray, and Prince just sat down. There was a deep silence, no one talked.
“Unary, I am sick of this, watching Raske slowly change. What is wrong with her, I want answers.” Prince said.
“Raske is becoming a knight wolf, also known as Lust.” Unary calmly said.
“What is this Lust and why aren’t you under going the same as she is?” Inuy said.
“Along time ago Jiyvas had a sister named Lust. Lust was four years younger then Jiyvas, but stronger then her. Lust decided to stop drinking her ghost blood to see what will happen. The first day of the first purple moon appeared and Lust eyes turned fully black. She lost memory and began drinking mostly everyone she knew blood. She was at her fullest power and no one thought they could stop her. Jiyvas killed Lust in her sleep, but of fear of losing her life, none the less of letting her sister rule the tribe. They called illness knight wolf and many witch wolves got it more over a period time.” Unary said.
“Is there away to stop it?” Mix sighed. Unary looked down and let out a deep breath.
“I don’t know if, her ghost was here maybe we would have a chance. But Phoenix killed him so, no.” Unary said.
“What is this ghost you keep talking about?” Prince asked.
“A ghost is the only person that blood bonds with yours. The violet wolf tribe usually finds there ghost in the autumn also known as the yellow tribe.” Unary said. Prince was about to say something but Raske came out the cave. Mix let out a sigh then dropped back into a tree.
Raske looked around puzzled why everyone is silent.
“Umm…..why is everyone so quite?” Raske asked.
“Nothing is wrong; at least I don’t think so.” Ten said. He grabbed Raske from behind and gave her a hug.
“T-Ten, no time no see.” Raske said. Ten just smiled as he let go of her.
“So where have you been, you just disappeared after the big battle.” Mix asked.
“Yah…..bout that something came up I had someone I promised to meet. I didn’t want to break the promise so I…um rushed right over their.” Ten said.
“You are such a liar.” Pray said. Ten glances at her then started laughing. He quickly snapped his figures with out anyone hearing it or noticing it. Pray threw up blood then flew to the ground.
“Pray what’s wrong, P-Pray.” Cheese said. Unary grabbed Ten by his chin then lifted him up. Ten started laughing once more as he broke free from Unary’s grip.
“I guess you figured it out, huh pretty boy. Damn it is just harder to get away with things these days. I mean it was easier the first time I fooled you guys.” Ten sneered. Seth dropped down fro m high up in a tree, she landed in front of Ten.
“Enough talking, Raske you are coming with us rather you like it or not.” Seth said.
“I am not going anywhere with you.” Raske said. Seth grinned then flipped her hair.
“Why are you beginning so stubborn there is no point of you fighting me. All that is going to happen is that you are going to lose.” Set h said. She got ready to attack but Ten stopped her.
“We didn’t come here to fight that wasn’t our mission. We came here to make a deal with her first.” Ten said. Mixture came down from above and landed in front of Prince.
“Why would you betray our trust Ten, knowd the less hurt. Someone from your one family how could you do such a thing.” Mixture said. Ten eyes turned just as red as Seth did once before.
“Because she was nothing but my annoying cousin. Beside Phoenix aloud I to drink his blood and now I have one third of his power add to mine. And all I had to do was do what ever he said. In other words to work for him. “Ten said.
“Brother you traitor.” Esy shouted.
“Shut up!” Ten yelled back.
“Ten this isn’t like you, you never wanted to be strong by doing this.” Esy said.
“Stop calling me Ten dear sister, Phoenix has given me the name of Greed.” He replied. Ten turned away then let Seth get ready to attack but she waited for a minute while he spoke.
“Raske, Phoenix offers you his blood, since it is the ghost of mostly all violet witch wolves. Do you accept his offer or most we take you to him by force.” Greed said.
“No, why would I want to coward’s blood!” Raske said.
“Fine then it seems it comes down to force.” Greed replied as he pulled a piece of his blond hair behind his ear, he soon vanished and Seth quickly attacked. She aimed for Raske but Unary got in her path and grabbed her wrist. Seth glanced to see Mix right next to her ready to stab her she quickly pushed herself back away from him.
“Wow you guys are slick.” She said.
“Are we not.” Raske whispered into her ear. She punched her but it went right threw her.
“Nice try to bad it isn’t the real me.” Seth said fro m above. Raske looked up to see a flow of knifes coming directly at her. Dusted appeared around them and Seth was wondering if she got them. When the dust cleared she saw there was a barrier. Inuy the one making it began to grin.
“That all you got” Inuy said. Seth started getting pissed and a sift appeared in front of her, she quickly grabbed it and headed toward them.
As soon as she got close she vanished.
“Crap where did she go?” Inuy said. Esy closed her eyes then put up her hands and mad a v shape.
“Cheese look out her is to your left.” Esy quickly said. Cheese quickly turned to his left and caught the blades of her sift between his hands. Seth glanced to her right and saw Pray pull out something, she felt something wrap around her body. Cheese let go of the blade and quickly got out the way. Seth body was lifted up into the air, then quickly down to the ground. When all the dust was gone Seth was just standing there blood flowing down her arm. She slowly lifted it to her mouth and let blood flow into it. They saw her arm quickly heal, and then knew that she wasn’t even using her true power. Seth grinned and slowly tilted her head, her eyes turned blood red again.
“Is that all you really got. I never thought that it might be this easy.” Seth gloated. In the blink of an eye she vanished and was behind Esy. By the time Esy turned she was already pinned to a tree.
“E-Esy” Cheese said. He looked up and saw that Seth was already above him, it was too late for him to get out the way. A barrier appeared around him, Seth quickly flipped off it.
“Pay attention!” Mix yelled as he stared directly at Seth. Seth got ready to attack till something flew past her. A small note landed in her hand, and a raven flew onto her shoulder. She quickly glanced at it then looked back at Mix.
“Catch you later handsome.” Seth said. She disappeared, but Mixture was till on guard.
“I play with you later.” Seth voice echoed from above. Pray ran over to where Esy was and pulled the knife out of the tree and Esy. As soon as she pulled it out Esy fell over, her blood rapidly began flowing down her arm. When Raske saw Es y blood she quickly turned away. Unary knew she was soon going to be tempted to drink Esy’s blood then quickly went over and held her arm.
“Seth, why are you Phoenix slave?” Greed asked. Seth didn’t reply she just looked away.
“You never understand the way I am today. But if you most know I’m his slave because I am trying to protect someone dear to me. And killing people for Phoenix is the only thing I believe I think I could do. Besides It’s not like I don’t enjoy what I am doing.” Seth replied.
“Raske it’s late you should go to bed now. Everyone else is sleeping and so far me and you are the only ones up. In till you go to bed I wont be able to sleep.” Prince said. Raske just looked at him then turned away.
“Prince, do you think that am keeping you back from getting to where you need to go.” Raske said. Prince sat beside her and looked up, he let a short sigh.
“Why are you talking like that, you aren’t keeping me back from anything. Sure I need to destroy Phoenix but if it wasn’t for you I would have been as far as I am now.” Prince said.
“Prince for all you knows you could have been even further. All I am is keeping you and everyone always back.” Raske said.
“Raske, even if you are, none of us mind. Especial me I enjoy begin around with you.” Prince replied. Raske got up and looked down; tears slowly began flowing down her cheek.
“I’m so different from everyone; all I want to do is be the same. But I will never be able to and it’s all because……” Raske started.
“Raske, if you were close to the same as everyone else I would have never been drawn into falling in love with you.” Prince said. Raske didn’t respond she just continued crying. Prince put his right hand over his right eye and let a small laugh.
“I never thought I would fall in love in the first place. All I wanted was to get what I had to do over and done with. I didn’t want to meet anyone talk to anyone or see anyone. But then you came and as soon as I lad eyes on you, I couldn’t keep myself away from you. At first I didn’t want to believe it at first. But I couldn’t deny it anymore I loved you and I had to tell you.” Prince said. Raske finally sat back down and force herself onto Princes’ chest. Prince looked up as he rapped his arms around her. The two stay like that for half an hour then fell asleep side by side, Princes’ arm around Raske waist.
“Have you two seen Prince and Raske?” Inuy asked. Pray and Cheese shuck there heads no. Inuy let out a sigh, and then went outside; he walked out a little further and saw Prince and Raske. He made a fist then turned back around and went back into the cave. Prince slowly woke up and looked to his right. He slowly got up and stared at Raske, he put his fingers threw her hair then got up. Raske feeling him move woke up as well.
“Prince.” Raske mumbled. Prince gentle grabbed her hand and helps her up. Raske gentle smiled at him then let go of his hand and went into the cave. Mix jumped off a tree branch and landed behind Prince.
“You are foolish, loving that weak girl. You should look for another, beside father won’t approve of it. He might have let it slide once but twice is impossible.” Mix said.
“Mixture, unlike you I won’t let father choose who I should love. I am going to do what ever I want, not what ever he wants. I ruin my own life, I hope both of you get that through your thick heads.” Prince said. Mix rolled his eyes then jumped back into the tree.
“Brother, look what Cheese found.” Pray said as she ran over. She stopped in front of Prince and should him a crystal rock. Prince just nodded his head and looked up.
“You and big brother are fighting again aren’t you?” Pray said. Prince looked at her and smiled.
“Yah, but it is only a little fight, so don’t worry pray. You are two years younger then me and four years younger then Mix. What ever happens between us you shouldn’t be involved in.” Prince said. Pray looked up at the tree Mixture was in then back at Prince.
“Would you two stop treating me like I am ten I am fifteen.” Pray yelled. She turned around and quickly ran back into the cave.
“Pray, come back out here, please” Raske said. Prince looked up and saw her sitting on top of the cave. Pray came out slowly then looked up at Raske said.
“Show them what I thought you.” Raske said. Pray nodded her head then turned to face Prince.
“What does she mean by thought?” Prince questioned.
“Raske thought me some of the witch wolf fighting style. “ Pray said. Raske tossed something and pray quickly jumped up and caught.
It was a rope tide on to a rode . Prince got ready, then he felt something grab onto his leg from behind. He turned and looked down to see another rope. It pulled him down then flung him up into the air. Energy blots keep hurtling at him as he was going up. He quickly but up a small barrier to protect himself. When he finally thought it was safe he grabbed onto a tree and flipped himself onto a tree. Pray tapped his shoulder then rapped his arms with the ribbon . She forced his arms over his head then flipped over him.
“Okay I think that’s enough.” Pray said. The ribbon untied fro m Princes’ arm. She tossed it back up to Raske then went into the cave. Mixture jumped down and grabbed Raske by her neck.
“How dare you teach my sister such garb age. What are you trying to do?” Mixture yelled. He slowly lifted her up and pushed her against the tree trunk.
“I will not have you interfering with my family, none the less causing us any trouble. You are nothing knew since. Keep away from my brother you dirty little whore.” Mix said. Prince pushed him away from Raske; she fell off the branch and didn’t even bother from stopping herself from hitting the ground.
“Mixture why are, you acting so cruel. I am not going to let you teach her this way.” Prince yelled. Mixture just sighed from annoyance and vanished. Prince jumped down to where Raske was and reached out his hand. Raske slapped it away then looked at him. The twos’ eyes locked each other, and then she ran off. Cheese came out and saw her running away.
“Now what you do loser?” Cheese asked.
“Why is it that every time something happens with her it is my fault?” Prince yelled. Cheese grabbed him and gave him a noggy.
“Calm down, I’m just messing with you. How bout kiss, you know you want one.” Cheese laughed.
“Why now I know you are gay.” Prince said.
Raske looked up at the two birds the where on the branch above her. The male bird gave the female bird a piece off it worm and the two flew off together. She let out a short sigh then curled up into a ball. She heard someone coming jumped off the tree, turned into her wolf form and hid in the bushes.
“Raske…..Raske.” Prince shouted as he looked around for her. Raske got ready to step out but anther wolf ran forward after Prince. It was golden with light brown strips around its tail. He got ready to bit Prince but Raske jumped in front and began growling at the other wolf. The wolf backed down and turned into a teenage boy. He had black hair with caramel high lights and his eyes were the color of gold.
“Raske it’s so good to see you.” He said.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hola guess who is back for one day only intil I get my internet back lol. Well How are you all doing, I am in school on the computer while I am in class, and my teacher doesn't care yay!!!! Anyway hopefully I wll get my internet when i get my new laptop. The I could talk to you all if you remeber me it has been awhile will cya later ^_-
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Friday, July 13, 2007

   I am pissed
hi everyone it seems like no even notice i was gone so in a bout a week i might delete my page since it seem to be pointless. Also Karas was on o yay not that freaking loser anyway bye
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

hola everyone its been a real look while since i have been on MYOtaku. But the whole reason is because i found this kool site. Called www.gaiaonline.com. Its a real kool place im mean really. But be warned there r perverts on this site. Anyway how is everyone, i miss u all lol. I've been okay, lol. But i really want to know how u guy r doing. Oo wow this is kind of long. I thought it would be much shorter i guess not. lol ohhh welll to bad. Hehehe, im really hyper today is my last day of school but since i left school early it is already over yay. Plus my grandparents r coming. well i'll see ya later
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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

elouai's doll maker 3 elouai's doll maker 3

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