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Hi, I'm Bethany.
I like anime, but lately i've become more intrested in other things. Like, Harry Potter, and...boys. haha =]
big surprise there...

oh by the way..


Monday, December 18, 2006

   Just another Manic Monday...
The holidays suck!! My cousin is coming home for the holidays, but I will only get to see her for 4 of the days she's here!! I'M PIST!! She's the only thing I have close to a sister and the only one I ever really talk to and can confide in completely. Totally bummed, maybe depressed. I would type out the whole story,but I'm too tired and sad too.
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Saturday, December 16, 2006


hey, I got a new puppy today. She is a chihuahua t-cup puppy and she is only 5 weeks old. She is very adorable. And has Pikachi ears. I'm serious. I don't have a lot to write since its my first day. S0 thats all for now...

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