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Saturday, December 8, 2007

lala- WOAH! O_O
wow....been a long time since i was last here. *stares at near background* =F *is slapped* woah sorry zoned out there for a moment! *stares at wallet* why did i have to be born to love my niece so much?! *spent....ALOT on her* at least she appreciated her b-day gift *twitches as she remembered her wallet making the cha-chinging sound as she took gabby to build a bear* why did i let her get so many outfits....plus side for today! i can go to my friends to play rockband!....now all i have to do is tell her once she regains consciousness....anyways one b-day down, two to go! Nephew's birthday is next so i gotta get him something! and then...MY BIRTHDAY!....i might..go to my friends house or something *parents work that day* .__. two more weeks till break!! and soon...cell phone *has been deprived of one since middle school* and last year....*blew it* word to the wise...or those smarter than me! NEVER leave your mom or dads cell phone in your friends car...anyways, i'm off! *jumps and falls off of bed* urgh....*gets up and skips off* NOW i'm off! bye to whoever reads this and have an awesome break (if you're one of the lucky ducks who get an early break)
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