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Anyway.. I've been an anime fan since I was born. Watching Dragonball Z growing up really got me into it. Then I started watching Naruto (not the English Dub). I've seen every episode so far, and I love it. I also love Bleach and Death Note, a whole lot. Anyway, sign my Guest Book and add me as a friend, if you'd like. Then PM me and introduce yourself.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

January 28th

Yeah, so it's January 28th. Woot. That's closer to May, which means it's closer to Summer! So I thought I'd make this post to celebrate lol. Oh, yeah, and my birthday is in 24 days on Feb. 21st. W00t =].

Later peeplz.

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Friday, December 14, 2007


Yeah so it's Friday. I'm happy lol. Tuesday we get off school for Christmas Break and it's gonna be sweeeet. I get to go to Tennessee again this Christmas, and it'll be awesome. =].

Anyway, hope you guys are doing good. =] Merry Christmas to all meh bestest Otaku mates -.o

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hey =]

Yeah so I came to class today, and thought.. today I'll post. Lol.

I don't have internet at home right now, that's why I've been pretty inactive recently. It's really boring, and I thank myself all the time that I put all my anime on CDs so I could watch it again if I ever lost my internet. So far I've rewatched Death Note (the 2nd greatest anime of all time :D) and I'm rewatching Full Metal Alchemist right now. (The 3rd Greatest Anime of all time)

Yeah right now for top anime I'm thinking
1 Naruto
2 Death Note
4 Bleach

It's a hard decision but meh..

Anyway I've filled my need to post. Later peoples :D

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