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hey! im I-love-farts, but you can just call me alex! as you can probably tell, i love to fart! and i love anime!

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Monday, January 7, 2008

   happy new yeareth
i luv shrek. but not in that way. ogres dont appeal to me.

anyway, happy new year guys! sorry ive been away for so damn long! but i hav returned. for now.

how were your xmases and new years, then? my xmas was a tupical xmas. just family and opening presents and stuff (yesss!!! got my remote control car - with a real petrol engine. shame its not full-sized).

my new year was as fantastic as my testicles. went to a party at the same guy's house as i went to for halloween. that party was epic. so was new years. we all got ridiculoiusly drunk. i think i passed out somewrre. cant quite remember. it was good, anyway.

well, c ya guys soon!


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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

   new theme!
yaaahhh i got a halloween theme. it is comin up 2 halloween uknow. wht r u guys gona b doin 4 halloween??

im goin to a party that 1 of my mates r doin. its gon a b wicked.

stil got that fuckin cold, tho.

silver star rose? wher r u? u died or summat?


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Monday, October 15, 2007

   quick quick
i still cant shift this fuckin cold. >_< its realy pissin me off.

hopefully 2moro i shud be able 2 go sign sum guestbooks or sumthin. as i havnt dun anything productiv except pm ppl and update every blue moon.


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