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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wow. I haven't been here in forever. And I really miss this set up. We get music, gifs, I don't have anything Supernatural on Fonic_Awesome.

I'm sick during my Spring Break, but I get sick every break so....

It was my birthday on Thursday. I don't want to be 20. This stinks. But I did get some cool stuff. I got a Davie Jones pez dispenser to go with my Villain collection, a cool little, very green decor mask, a white noise machine, a sweater, socks (never too many socks), a gargoyle to go with my gargoyle collection, a three pound bag of M&Ms, a set of old movies (love old movies), Arsenic and Old Lace('nother old movie w/ Peter Lorre), Mr. Stain On Junk Alley, An Indian candle display (India), a really cool Monkey King statue, a collector's item Doctor Who magazine, a bubble wand, another Where the Wild Things Are doll, and a puzzle of Jack Sparrow, one of those made out of mini pictures ones. I think that's everything...... And I finished my Disney Villain Panorama puzzle yesterday. It's long. So, yah, it was pretty good.

I gotta lead a discussion on Biology Biotechnology when I get back to school. I figure I'll mostly focus cloning, people like to talk/argue about that, so once I get them going the less I have to do. Not that i don't find these things interesting. They're really fascinating. There's this cool radio show on called Radio Lab. They talk about all sorts of things. The first time I listened to them they were talking about the history, effects, and outcomes of War of the Worlds and peope who tried the same thing afterwards in dofferent countries. But they also have one on cloning and bioengineering. It's a really good show, and I want one of the hosts to do a voice for EPIC.
Anyway, people should check them out. I think it's on around 7 pm on Thursdays, but that's probably just local. They should have a website with past shows on it.

Ok. Happy late St. Patrick's Day. One of my favorite holidays. Lots of green I guess. And none of my stations played The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns. SciFi played all of the Leprechaun movies all day. Rip off.

Ok. Be safe. Have fun. Watch your temper. Mind health. Don't die, but if you do, make I'm sure I'm in your will first.

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hi. I'm don't expect anyone to read this, but I'm bored. I made it pretty. And I like the music, it's "Sunshine Tomorrow" by Go Shiina from Tales of Legendia. That was a good game. It would have been better if it were multi-player. Like I said earlier, People. You need to start multi-playing or they'll stop making multi-players. It is really a LOT more fun with friends and/or siblings. It's four player for a reason. Symphonia and Abyss are much better with four players. Anyway, good game. Moses Da Awesome. And even though I wasn't even actually playing it, I was watching my sister play, she still made me do all the voices when the real actors didn't. Mostly character quests. And Moses is so much fun to do, but he completely killed my voice. I had just finished doing the voices the whole time we played Abyss, and I was doing Legendia and Soul Calibur Legends at the time. That's what really did it. Moses and Iska. I don't actually remember what Iska's actor sounded like, so I went off his expressions. He's kinda excitable so I had yell alot. Not actually yell, more like that stage, whisper yell. I can't yell or scream. I'm actually physically incapable. That would be a problem if I ever actually became a voice actor. I don't swear either, and they wouldn't want me to try, it just wouldn't sound natural. And Dean heard me doing the otters for Legendia, I still get teased for that.

Speaking of which, I got a callback audition. A couple weeks ago, my sister and I went in for voice auditions for an Audio Book company. "Full Cast Audio" I think or something. And we both got callback auditions. The only problem is, I don't know if we're going to be here for the appointment, we might go on vacation, and I don't want to make the rest of the family cut it short for us. Me, really. I'm the one who really shows interest in voice acting, my sister is just there for fun and support. But this isn't really what I wanted, anyway. It doesn't let you put the expression into it that I want to do. I want to do accents like Moses, or get payed for lines like, "The person whose name is written in this notebook shall die...." or "It's too late! You're already hopelessly entangled in my intestines!" ~Naraku, personal favorite. ^^ With this job, it would only be reading, and he wants my real voice. My real voice changes, I've got at least five different voices and even laughes, I guess I use for different occasions/people. And I'm not really sure how aware I am when they change. It easier for me to fake a voice, the inflections and speed come naturally. Not my voice. But it would be good on a resume, even if it wasn't for voicing. I just kin of wanted to do voicing while I was in college. I still don't know where I going to finish. I've already been at this community college for 2 years, I have the credits I need, but evidently not all the required courses. i don't know what I've been doing this whole time, but I have to go for another year. I don't like this place. But that's irrelevant. i' mis-spelling a lot of things. SPK. Spelling Doesn't Kount.

So here's the picture. It's for EPIC. Search it and check the world. I submitted it, but it was never put up, so here. Not that I'm expecting anyone to look at this. "Here I am, a brain the size of a planet..." Nah, I'm kidding. And that's from the book, guys. NOT the movie. That thing didn't follow the book very well at all, book's much better, but at least it had Rickman in it. that was good. But they changed Ford completely.
Blackwooder Concept Doodles. The extent of me artistic capabilities. Chibi base from Wayuki's Place. All else, me. Ta. Da.


I accidently garbled the chibi. My compy doesn't like JPEG.

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

   Asch's Hair
So..... I finally changed my christmas stuff. This is probably pretty temporary. I was just amused that I found the music.
So, we have finished Tales of the Abyss. and I use that term very loosely, seeming as we missed the majority of everything. Granted not as bad as we did with Symphonia. We didn't even find and costumes in that game. And we had no idea about Zelos. Everyone else sounds like they found that their first time around. I'm still not sure how we missed it. But, we are planning on playing them both again. It is odd and somewhat sad. We had ben playing Abyss since September '06. We stopped for about 6 months in the middle. It's always odd when you finish something that's been around for that long. Like a book. Only a little more interactive. I was happy with the ending. Sad, but it was good. Except I never found my house. We play these games together, me and my 3 siblings. And we each have our characters. I was Jade. And according to my siblings I was also Necrofreak, Stelleto Man, and the Emperor's Concubine. One from each of them. For the record, these games are sooooo much better and way more fun when you don't play them by yourself. There's a reason they're multi-player. And if you people keep not multi-playing they're going to keep making one player Tales games and that's no good. Start multi-playing.
Anyway, Asch's hair. I, Echo, and Dean have a great appreciation for really nice hair. And as far as I am concerned, out of all anime I've ever seen, Asch has The Nicest Hair. It is so pretty! Echo was showing me the opening video on YouTube before we got the game and I even made her pause it so I could look at his hair. It's beautiful. And it was really beautiful at the end in Asch's last talking scene. Sure, Luke has really nice hair too before he cuts it, but Asch's is just of a differnt quality. I want to touch it. This probably makes me sound weird, but I don't get this excited over much. Asch just has really, really, really nice hair. Poor guy. I used to think he was just a jerk until you realize that he is only 17 with more than his share of extra issues for more than his share of time. But through all that he still had good hair. These are the only pictures I can find. None of them really give you a good veiw of his hair.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

   Blivet Bedlam

I haven't got too much to say. I'm done with school. For a month. Yay.... I don' even remember what I'm signed up for next semester. But I'm done now and that is happy. nine days to decorate for Christmas, though. That's kinda sad.

I watched the third part of Tin Man. Timechaser's right, the ending was pretty abrubt. I wanted to see Cumming get his brain back. I liked it. It was fun. Hehe. Monkie scared of Cumming. She has been for a while and for some reason Nightcrawler made it worse. She kept us up half the night before X2 came out in theaters telling us all the reasons Nightcrawler was evil. I'm not going to go into that right now for time reasons. But, despite the amount of hatred she insists she has for the actor, she laughes at everything every one of his characters does or says. I think that makes her hate him more. It is amusing. Scarecrow was always Monkie's favorite. Tin Man was always mine. Cain was kinda different from the tin man I remember. I don't think he even sings. DUDE! The Tin Man song about the princesses. It's Hey-Ho. That's what tune it was. I just figured that out. Jeb is scary. Then we watched X-files, the one with all the Cher. I like that one. It's odd. And saw A Very Supernatural Christmas. It was good. it could be better. They're kinda slacking ths season. They're putting in more blood and leaving out the character. They don't plat with character relationships like they used to. No one appreciates character or developement anymore. But Dean hasn't seen the second season yet either, so I'm not going to say anymore.

Sweeny Tod is coming out. Tim Burton with his two favorite actors of all time, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter. Plus one of my favorites: Alan Rickman! And it's a MUSICAL! But, of course. It's rated R. I cannot see it. And I was sad for a long time. But then I decided that if Alan dies in it, I do not want to see it. Monkie said that makes her feel better. It's not like me to choose Depp over Rickman, and indeed it is not. I'm tired of seeing Rickman die. I know of three movies that he does not die in: Sense and Sensibility, Galaxy Quest (great movie), and some movie I only saw 5 minutes of, but it looked like a comedy, but who knows, it could have been the kind of comedy where people die at the end to make it funnier. Everything else, he dies. Quigly Downunder was on tv once. I've never seen it, but Monkie and my mom were channel surfing and they saw Rickman. He was really young so they called me because I like Rickman. I walked into the room just in time for him to get shot and die. They laughed at me for a long time. My favorite characters always die. And if they don't die, they're miserable and torchered the whole way through. As far back as I can remember.

It's snowing alot. I think I feel funny. I think it's not a very good funny, but it's hard to tell. I really don't have much going on, at least that I can remember at the moment. I would say that means it can't be too important, btut that's not necessarily the case. I wonder when The Nutcracker is coming on tv. I've watched the same version of the ballet for a few years now, it's long but it has good music. Drawsilmeir is so creepy but he's always been creepy. That's what makes him cool. I have two Godpapa nutcrackers. I like nutcrackers. I think I almost have a dozen now. Tin soldiers too.

So this is my christmas setup for my page. What do you think? The background is from Karil's. I like the song. Carol of the Bells always had a forboding aspect. And it's almost everyone's favorite song. I wanted to put The Nutcracker illustrations by David Delamare, but i couldn't find good pictures anywhere. I love that book, It's beenmy favorite Cristmas book since I was 6. Delamare's pictures are beautifil. And I think he's got a book out called Fairytales and Mermaids or something filled with his best illustrations. That might be cool. But I think he does quite a bit of mermaid and fairy pictures which means quite a bit of "tasteful nudity" so maybe not.

Avatar's not coming back on for a while, neither is Supernatural, Psych, I haven't watched Doctor Who, atually, since they got rid of Rose. Guess she wasn't smart enough for the Doctor. Had to find himself a doctor. Now they can be Doctor and Doctor and have lots of smart Doctor adventures in which they're always screaming for help from Doctor. Also I've just been busy. I watch too much tv. But we're renting the new Who from season 1 since we missed most of it. They can't go one season without switching at least one actor. All the old Doctors lasted for ages. But, then again, they also had fros. And long, ugly scarfs. I mis gthe scarfs. I got myself a long, ugly scarf. I call it my Doctor scarf. And Iroh rocks.

Ok. Merry Christmas Everybody. And everything else being celebrated this time of year. HAPPY DECEMBER! There.

Oh, Avery. I cry for you.


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