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Sunday, May 15, 2005

I just noticed, no one's really commenting lately on my site. Three, at most. Usually darkspirit, snowdrop, and streetracer all post, and I'm grateful for them. ^.^'. Their sites and personalities are all wonderful, probably ten times better then mine. And let's not forget my other friends! They also sometimes comment! Their sites and personalities are also probably ten times better then mine. Oh well! Bai!
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I've regained my.... HYPERNESS! Nyah! XP. Oh yeah! Hehehe... XD. Well, that was the part of a great song, Helena, with the words backward... XD. That was when Gerard Way's voice is all.. spirit-y.. XD. Well, bai bai! ^_^.
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Nac uoy ereh em? Era uoy raen em? Nac ew dneterp ot evael dna neht. Ll'ew teem niaga nehw htob ruo srac edilloc....
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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Konnichiwa. Arigato.....

Hello, everyone... How is everyone this fine day? I feel dark still, like I'm depressed or something... I'm not hyper any more... So I can't really live up to my name... I'm sorry.... I'll still be on, though... I'll post a poem or song later on tonight... Or today...

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Friday, May 13, 2005

   Friday the 13th....
Thanks to darkspirit, I just remembered! Today is Friday the 13th! ^-^' This is the best day in the numbers one through thirty one.. ^_^' IF it's on a Friday.... Oh well! May bad luck come to you! Bai!
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I just finished my new look for the site! ^.^' I like it better then the pink one. I've been typing a little faster, not much. Okay.. Well, my finger *Yes, I've been spelling things like finger wrong, sorry..) Wlell, bai!
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Thursday, May 12, 2005

   Oooooooh... XD.
I sprained it yesterday, and now it's in a splint. It kind of hurts, but I can type with eight and a half fingers. (My right ring figer sometimes hurts.) Well, bai! ^.^'
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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Well, hello. Today, in gym, my friend ran into my arm, making my finers crack LOUD. It really hurt the whole day, and my middle finger is swelling up. I either severly stowed it, or broke it. I won't be updating as much, as it's not fun typing with one hand... Well, by the by.. do you like the new layout? No, I'm not a pink-loving boy, it's just for the current backround..
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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

   So.. sleepy... o.o
Okay. I'm tired in the middle of the day, for once..

I've been acting out in class. For instance, in Social/Global Studies Henry Clay, this guy, died in 1852, (our teacher has these tapes that read our books.. XD.) and our teacher left the room, and when the tape said it, I yelled, 'yay!' really loud.. XD. Yes, I said it like I was happy... ^_^. It was.. He was a very scary man. XD. And today, in Math, I dropped my text book, and I screamed, 'HOLY CRAP!' and the teacher didn't even notice... XD. I'm so evil.. Well, I'm going to work on the page for a bit.. ^.^'

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Monday, May 9, 2005

I'm re-vamping the the whole site. Yes, I'm deleting everything, except my avvie and the hug-factor. XD. I have to, as I'm getting bored fast with this purple design. o_o. Maybe I'll make it... Pink, purple, green, red, orange, gray AND......... blue! XD. Not.. Maybe I'll just make one that has a sample of my online drawing.. It's terrible, but oh well. XD
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