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Sunday, May 29, 2005

That game's awesome! I just made an account today, and I'm hooked. I'm trying to train alot so I can be a level 4 soon.. Well, bai!
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Saturday, May 28, 2005

I Will Be the King of Red
Babble, Babble, Issue, Issue.
What a wondeful way to complain.
Slice, Slice, they act like the Have issues with them..selves..

I will be the king of red,
Collecting all the blood that's shed.
I will lay down in the throne,
I will be the kind of red.

Yeah, Yeah. Go hide.
Slicing fingers, Cutting eyes.
Giving everyone open eyes.

I will be the king of red.
Wanting all the blood that's shed.
I will put on the crown,
I will be the king of red...

I will be the king of red,
I will be the king of red,
I will be the king of red,
I will be the king of dead,
I will be the king of the dead.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Well, I found a bit of time to be on today... It was right after school and right now... Well, I guess I'll be staying... o.o" I told my self not to stay, but I just stayed... I was close to the delete button today, but then I read everyone's comments. Thanks so much.. ^^... I might leave, though, like Eve did... For a month or two.. But if I do, I'll try to come back. I'll never try and leave, unless this stays like this forever, which it just may... Well, just remember, even though today looks bright, it's really not...

On another note, I'm scrapping my Seven Deadly Sin poems, as they sucked...

And guess what? I was on TV today! ^______^'... I was on it twice... Since this meteorologist came to our school, the camera man was looking at all of the different tables, and I think I missed my face shot, but I saw the back of my head, and the far-away pic of everyone, where you could see me! ^.^

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

   Last Days of School
Well, my teacher is cramming my life... First, he's telling us our lockers HAVE to be empty, except for books... ..".. AND... he said we need to finish all these papers by the end of the year.. o_o... And tommorow, it's 5 days... O_o.. And we get homework, still... ._.' Well, atleast summer's coming...

I have bad news. I'm only going to be updating every other day, or even more... Well, bye...

I also have something else. I MAY quit myotaku if I don't hear from more then two people... I'm sorry.. I just work so hard everyday to update, and my most comments for awhile have been 2-3 comments, while some people get 20 comments in ONE post... Well, bye..

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Well, I woke up at 10:30, and then my friend's mom called and asked if I wanted to see, 'Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith,' and I, happily said yes. Yoda rocks! (Y-O-D-A, Yodaaaa.. XD) First, after they picked me up, we picked up my other friend. After that, we went to the flea market first to get my one friend weapon training videos. Of course, he decided not to get them, and to buy weapons instead. It took us an hour. Then, we went to the theather. We got there at 12:45, so we had to rush. We all got this HUGE tub of popcorn, and I bought a root beer. We watched the whole, great movie. It was so much fun watching (SPOILER ALERT!) Anakin Skywalker toast like marshmellows! XD. (End Spolier.) When we got in the lobby, I played House of the Dead, and died on the first zombie, then sucked out loud on the crane. After that, I went to my one friend's house to hang out. We bounced on the trampoline, and I tried to do a back bounce. I almost did it, and I should be able to at the end of the summer. Then, we went into the house, and turned on his PS2 to play, 'Champions: Return to Arms,' and guess what? My one friend's mom came... And her daughter (my OTHER friend..) played it with us! ^.^ We were all kicking evil arse, and then my dad came to pick me up. After I got home, I ate some pizza and pop. We cleaned a little bit, then my day was over. It was a pretty good Sunday... Yet I wish it could of been better...
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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Well, I can't write my poems except pride... Only two people left coments.... ._. I went to the bowling party, and I felt really out of place, since it was my brother's... I sat in the cafteria section more talking with my friend, as they gave us the cruddy lane in which you had to keep clicking a button to let it work...
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I'm always winning,
Always the best.
I put you behind me,
Because I always win.
I always have the trophy,
I always take the gold.
I am more beautiful then you,
I am better then you in every way.

(Note: This is completely FICTIONAL. I would not say this in real life, but it shows emotion, does it not?)

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Today's To-Do List
To Do:
:Show, 'Pride,''Lust,' and 'Sloth' poems (Party 2-4 of the, 'Seven Deadly Sins,' poems.)
:Start 'Gluttony,''Greed,' and, 'Wrath'.... (Part 5-7..)
:Start writing short stories about death.
:Talk about my day..
:Watch InuYasha
:Go to a bowling party
:Post my newest poem, 'Early Sunday'.

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The final ending to that one set of poems.. (Set in the view of the people in the crowd.)
We watched as the caskets were set,
We knew our two loved ones,
Were gone to Heaven,
In a blink of a deathly eye,
We know cry for them,
And we scream in sadness...
But this time, we know this,
They're finally in peace...
No one to judge,
Their lives, or them..
So we will pray and hope...

After the casket-showing,
Their friends,
Picked it up right off the stand, and they put it inside the hearse,
And then, we drove onto the,
Grave site...
We watched as the priest said,
One last word,
And they were, gone forever,
Sleeping softly as we cried....
We cried for their safe departure.
We cried for their love,
And finally, we prayed that these Lovers could just live in peace...

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Friday, May 20, 2005

This my first regular post since awhile... I've been getting artzy.. XD. I saw the season finale of, 'America's Next Top Model,' XD. The little beeyotch Naima won... Kahlen did good on the Seven Deadly Sin thing, and all Naima did was, 'I don't have anything, except my hands to cover me, and this thin green sheet,' XD. And then, I said, "I'm gonna be the next top model!" XD. Then I did different deadly sin poses... XD. I like my greed one... I put money all over my body... XD. (Yes, I'm an odd guy..)
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