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Hola everyone, it is i Hyakkimaru. I am an artist as well as a anime fan, since as the ladies say "Anime fan boys rock". *lol* Anywho, i am Hispanic and i am 17, I love art and php (photoshop) as well as video games too. Well for the people who are in my site then "Welcome!!" Hopefully you will all enjoy coming here, since i will spread the gifts of sig's, avvy's as well as wallpaper's and fan art as well as my personal drawings that i keep close to me. =3 In other words, Come back and see the goodness which is Hyakkimaru, for you will <3 and <3 alot then any Male hispanic ever. *lol* Got to go adios.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My name is: Israel
I was born on: 30th of May (Memorial Day) Ironic isn't it? I was born when they are remembering dead ppl. XD
I am a: Human in need of truth
My hair colour is: Black (BADASS BLACK!!) XO
My eye color is: BLACK....OH....RED!! Nope just black.
My shoe size is: 8 1/2 (small feet)
My ring size is: If i can remember 7 - 7 1/2
My height is: 5'5'' (I still don't believe i am 5'6) I am a shorty.
I am allergic to: Bullshit
I live in: A shell
My bed is: Where i sleep, dance and sing! *WOW!!*
One thing I know for sure about the opposite sex: Ummm...They are female? And they love hugs, mainly glomping...and kisses too. :P
I am glad I'm my sex because: It makes me look sexy. XD
My best friends are: JACKIE!! ROSA (She is meh gf though *confused* @_@), KEVVY!!, Amanda, Jennifer, Stephen, Cake and Melissa (I am such a ladies man!! XD)
My favorite pajamas are: A FMA shirt with shorts.
A perfect kiss is: The ones i get from my gf. It makes me feel good everyday.
The last three CDs I bought are: BUY!?? WHAT IS THIS "BUY" YOU SPEAK OF?! Well... if it's "buying" then Coldplay - X&Y.
Last song that made me cry was: Brothers
I could not live without: Food, water and anime
My most treasured possession is: PPL, i can't live without them. My gf too.
What did you do last night?: Slept
My skin's reaction to the sun is: I become black!!

-I do/do not believe in-

Love at first sight?: Yes
Luck?: Yes
Fate?: At times
God?: Athiest too
Aliens?: I am one!! XD
Heaven?: No
Hell?: No
Ghosts?: Yes (I can tell you alot of real scary stories of my house you know?)
Horoscopes?: Meh
Soul mates?: Yes

-Here's What I Think About...-

Backstabbers?: One word: Heartless
School?: Evil, the source of all idiotic and stupid concepts of retarded, lame wannabes based on culture and f'ed up concepts of living. A drama house filled with alot of truths, secrets and many backstabbings as well. A place where one thing can lead to many mistakes. A place where it forms 75% of our world (mostly lamers). XD
America?: America?? I am hispanic? Does that count?
Love?: =3
Friends before love: Love, then friends or vice versa
My response is: COWS!!

-Last time I...

Took a shower: Yesterday
Talked on the phone: OMG!! Like last sunday!! o_O
Kissed someone: Day of AKON!! =3
Hugged someone: Yesterday (My cousin of course)
Seen someone I haven't seen in a while: None!! I am in need of old friends.
Drove: I can't....drive? ;_;

Which celebrity or famous person are you in love with?: OMG!! UMA THURMAN!! I don't know why though... XD
One thing I'm pissed about right now is: Why actors gets paid so much while others suffer the reality of life.
The last movie I saw in the theater was: Batman Begins
The thing I don't understand is: ??????
The one thing I love about the opposite sex is: Hugs and kisses.
This week I am: Finding my twin!! *shocker*
This summer vacation I am: Bored, tired, frustrated and will stay like that still August.

-The thing that I'm looking forward to the most about...-

Tomorrow: Sleep
Next summer: Sleep
Next week: Sleep

People call me: Izzy / IZZEH / Iggy Pop / Iggy / Afghanistan / Egypt / Elmo

The person who I talk to the most on the phone is: Jackie and Rosa

The person I had the longest on-going relationship with is: ??
The person I have been friends with the longest is: Taylor (Though he is not really a "friend" now)
The person(s) who knows the most about me is/are: I know!! =3
The person who can read me the best is: Jackie and Rosa (I swear their pros at it!!)
The most difficult thing to do is? Making faces

My zodiac sign is: Gemini
The first person I thought I was in love with was: :Personal:
The one person who can't hide things from me: Two ppl :Personal:

I have these pets: Parakeet and a Pit Bull
I wish I was: Anywhere
The best shoulder to cry on: Alot of ppl
I almost died when: Drowning in the water...But i love water!!

Right now I'm wearing: A Mexico t-shirt with green shorts
The last person I pissed off was: Taylor (Like all the time) >=X
My worst drinking experience was: I can't remember
The last movie I watched was: Compy screen
The all-time best thing in the world is: RAMEN!
The most annoying thing ever is: Backstabbers, Two-faced ppl, relatives :Personal:
I lose all respect for people who: People who just talk shit, and not true to their feelings. Heartless ppl who think that being badass and cold is better than being emotional. *Dumb macho pricks*
The worst pain I was ever in was: Realizing that the world is not kind at all.
My room is full of: DVDs, Games, Consoles, FMA figures, posters and random anime stuff.
My downfall is: Internet time wasted

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Monday, May 16, 2005

Good things come for those that wait
:Something good is coming this way:

I had a dream. A good one. Something that dealt with alot of good things coming my way. Recently, i can now see it...

Since i joined the Urban League a year back it has really rewarded me with alot of things. For instance, i now have a connection with the principal at Creighton University. One of my sponsors for the Urban League said that he will surely get me the (excuse me with the use of ebonics) the "hook up" to help me out. *laughs* Anywho, i told my family that i feel alot of good things coming my way. Usually when i have this "feeling" it is always right. The same applies to bad things as well. So i call it my "6th sense". No...not the movie. *laughs*

Anyways, it is about time that something good is happening. Alot of bad things happened to my family and I in the past 3 years. (I still can't believe it was that long though...) I just hope my family can live, or at least survive without me. *laughs* But i am sure that they can. XD

:Missing you all:

I am starting to miss alot of my friends now. It feels like a piece of you is missing. But mainly it is friends that give you that big gap. I miss my friends like Melissa, Jorge, Jose, Amanda, Jackie (both of them), Ashley, Junior, Prince, Alexander, Rachel (both of them) as well as Stephen and Jennifer (both of them as well), also Ramiro, Laura and many others that i can't remember in such a short period of time. But, that is time for you, it never ceases to change for ya'... But i guess change is good. I will miss the lot of them, but sadily enough there is no time machine for life. Oh well... Soon i will make a big collage/signature for this site. Just keep your eyes open here and it will come...

:To heal the wounds of the past:

I am almost finished with this painful journey, and one word is coming to mind: FINALLY!! It is always better to finish and fight the confrontations then to run away from them. All i need is two more things to finish and then i can finally sleep in peace...

:What i need to do this year...:

Here is my plan for this summer that i plan to complete:

1. Get a job.
2. Get a Credit Card (one with a max. of $1,000).
3. Buy a car at least with the saved money.
4. Do some more work at the Urban League before i leave to college.
5. Study some stuff at the library before i leave, since Townview didn't help at all.
6. Scholarships (For some extra money). XP
7. Lift Weights.
8. Learn a martial art (Possibly Capoeria or Tae Kwon Do or Ninjutsu).
9. Start drawing some more for Digipen in the near future.
10. Learn various computer skills before i leave of the college.
11. Do stuff with my G/F. =3

Well that sums it up, i hope i can find a way to do this, but i did it this year so why not do something new for a change? *laughs* Well, i got to go. See you all around.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Teh Random post!!








Ok, that does it for my random post. I just feel like i am in the random posting mood. *laughs* Maybe because grad. is sooo close by. Can't wait!! I want to leave already!! THEN PARTY!!


Well, i gtg, love and peace everyone.

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Saturday, May 7, 2005

You know what? I am really getting irritated and bored here...
I am so bored... I just need to walk outside my street and walk as far as i can to just think of somethings, since alot has been bothering me lately... All i need is a walk or a long chat with someone. That's all i need. Other than that i just want to sleep and forget everything that is bothering me, i will feel alot better that way.

I got to finish my application to Digipen. Hopefully i will get accepted. So all i need to do is send my finished drawings for digipen.

Well, i got to go. See you all, or i mean the few ppl (exactly 5 ppl that come to this page).

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READ MY POSTS (Says them 1,000,000 times to everyone at myotaku) *laughs*

I am so bored. I am tired of almost everyone at school (which luckily do not know if i don't like them or what my username is) *laughs*

Man the Senior's here this year are soooo boring and sooo one stack groupy. (The ones that only hang around with the same friends over and over for the past 4 yrs. in the same circle talking about the same stuff repeatedly) YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! *raises his fists* And they are less energetic and do the same shit over and over again, or they have lost their mind in some other world. *laughs* Or those Seniors that love to get other ppl's attention for their way of happiness.

Maybe i am just really sick of being in my school now to the point in which i hate 60% of the Seniors. Maybe that's it. Oh well, i just want Senior year to end. Screw the "A WALK TO REMEMBER" fucking BS that is in our Grad. Booklet. Fuck all that Senior stuff. Lastly, fuck all that Senior supplies that are useless to the point in which you won't benefit from it at all...

I just want to have some fun in the summer. Is it that hard?

Though my mother feels bad though. Seriously, we (me/brothers/mom) have been through alot these two years. She feels bad that i had a horrible year. She can always sense it. Plus, i tell her all the time "You know what? I truly care less for all of this..." Maybe i am just tired of all the hype, or just tired. Meh. As long as summer exists then i can make up for that lost time financially and etc.

Well i'm going to bed. Probably one or two ppl will read this. And two ppl will prob. reply.

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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

*looks at the clock*
My patience is going thin this year. I just want this school year to end.
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