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Hi there! Miruza here! I'm a veteran otaku finally updating on this site again. Mainly for the purpose of my college course haha! Anyway in a nutshell my favourite anime is FMA and my favourite manga is probably Fruits Basket - but there are so many more.
I also love Green Day and other pop punk sorta bands (The Offspring also rule!) I love making friends so feel free to chat, sayonara for now!
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Saturday, December 30, 2006

   Back from the Dead
I decided to post here because I am sooooo bored! Nothin much to say except my life has rolled up-side down but yeah...
hope you all had a great xmas and im wishing every1 at the Otaku all the best for 2007! I will hopefully get some more fanart up soon! Until the next rare time I decide to post - ciao!

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Sunday, November 5, 2006

   Fanart at Last!
Finally I've uploaded some fanart so please go take a look and for the love of..something.. comment! I've also put up the cosplay pics of me n moose from the anime expo in May this year (cloud and reno lol!) I'll hopefully get the pics from last month's convention developed soon and put them up too!

Anyhoo, its sunday and I cant be bothered to write anymore so...ciao! :x

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Saturday, October 28, 2006

   Free Hugs at the Hug Booth!!
Woohoo Happy 10th Birthday London Anime Expo!!!

I swear each anime con I go to gets better each time :D I got sooo much fma merch, its making me high. I also keep spending more each time which could be a problem - it got somewhere around 50 this time (is that about $100?)

This time, I cosplayed as Takuto from Full Moon, I love flowey things but not showing skin so was a bit too self-conscience for comfort :S But I did get recognised and even got hugs for it yay hugs! Speaking of which seemed to be a theme this month - free hugs!

So what did I spend it all on? :
- FMA Artbook (Arakawa sensei's work)
- FMA T-shirt ^_^
- Alchemist symbol patch
- State Alchemist Pocketwatch
- Poster with Ed and Al in the snow ^_^

So who was there this time? Yuri Lowenthal that plays Sasuke, Tara Platt (plays Tamari from Naruto) and best of all XD...
Aaron Dismuke aka Alphonse Elric!! Squee! I so badly wanted to glomp him, he is sooo cute! I'll post the piccie soon too - got a special hug fron him woohoo!

End of rant - cons make up the best days of my otherwise boring teenhood. Yupo...

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Yeah, I know I hardly ever add now, but I don't do much here now anyway. It's always nce to hear your replies - MUST ADD FANART!
It's me birthday on Wednesday - yahoo! Hopefully, I'm getting a graphics tablet :3 Which will help in the making of my anime! I also need a new computones package cos my comp disagreed with my old one :( Anyhoo, hows all? I want Halloween day at skool! That's why I voted for u miss laprun!!!

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Sunday, October 8, 2006

   Chocoltae Orange Pocky! XD
I was crazy hyper and sort of still want to be..but i cant move much. Me n kat were round mooses over the weekend so..ye that wuz cool. We all kinda got violent and all went home with bruises in the strangest of places @_@

Anyhoo, I've been playing Tales of Symphonia on Gamecube - it rocks meh cheesey otaku sox! I loveee thre charazter design ^_^ Anyhoo, so much to say but not enough time to say it so...farewell friends for now !! xx

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