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Hey guys, this is my otaku site, I made this to challenge my girlfriend to see who can get more views on their page...not fair, cause she's already soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far ahead of me...CHEATER!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fireworks Part 4: Chapter 3-5 (I got bored)
Anway, Summer, in the robe Jason got for her, turned off the lights around the bed. She got under the covers, and then…nothing happened. 5 minutes went by and still nothing happened. Jason swallowed all of his fear and asked, “Hey Summer…Are you asleep?” Quiet…No answer…then, “Hmmm…” she answered. “The wall…it’s coming down…” he thought to himself. “Come…come a little closer.” He said nervously. She moved ever so slightly towards him.
He turned over and wrapped his arms around her. “Can I…Can I…Kiss you? Okay?” he asked.

Chapter 4: A New Dimension
He thought to himself, “If she accepts it…If she accepts this kiss…then finally I’ll…I’ll have…My first time…right here.” She turned towards him and looked into his eyes. She closed her eyes and puckered her lips, preparing to receive his kiss. At this moment, in his mind raced images of Summer, from the time they met to the present. “I feel like I’m over flowing,” he started to think as their lips drew ever closer, “These feeling that have grown for so long…Thrusting up from deep inside my chest…More than a dream, more than sheer happiness. I feel like I’m about to faint. No more mistakes or obstacles this time…not like that time with truth or dare. Perhaps this is the second time. But this is our TRUE first kiss! Our very first kiss, when we come together as one! No more mistakes or obstacles…NOW!” BANG BANG BANG! “SUMMER, ARE YOU UP?! IT’S ME, NICOLE! I’M KINDA DRUNK! HEY, ARE YOU IN THERE?! SUMMER?! HEEEEEY, YOU UP?!”
Interrupted again, Jason started to think that his chance was gone and it would never come again. “Why is it always like this,” he asked himself, “Why don’t I ever get a break? Guess I’m used to it. My luck is always like this. It’s over…this special chance is gone.” Suddenly, she kissed him. She pulled away and asked, “Will you…always love me? And never…leave me?” Tears started to fill his eyes, “Of course!” he replied. “Swear it.” She said as she closed her eyes. “I swear I will love you always, and never leave you,” he said as he kissed her again.
“With no obstacles, with no mistakes, Now we’re at the gate to a new dimension…” he thought.

Chapter 5: Connections to our hearts
The time had finally come. His hand slowly but surely made it closer and closer to her butt. As his hands brushed the back of her panties, he slowly pulled them down. As he pulled them down past her thigh, she stopped him. “Hold on,” she said, gripping his hand. “Do…do you want to stop?” he asked all the while stuttering incoherently. “No, it’s not that. I just need to get my mind set,” she said as she wrapped her arms around him and squeezed, “Let’s just stay like this for a bit.” “Okay.” There was a quick pause, but then she broke the silence. “I’m kind of relieved?” “Relieved?” “At the station, when I heard you weren’t coming , so I was so disappointed.” “Oh sorry…I just…thought you weren’t coming.” “I’ve been kind of depressed about my job. But when I saw you I felt better…I’m really glad…we met today.” She buried her face into his chest as she closed her eyes.
“I wasn’t thinking about the connection of our hearts, like you were, I was just thinking about the connection of our bodies. I only went this far because I was thinking about sex. I’m such a jerk. If you knew what I was really like, you’d despise me. I’m gonna stop right now. I won’t do this to you. I won’t betray your feelings.” He thought to himself. “Okay! I’m not scared now!” she said as she removed her robe. Jason sat up in the bed and removed his t-shirt. Ba-bump, Ba-bump, Ba-bump, Ba-bump, Ba-bump, Ba-bump, Ba-bump, his heart began to race again. He looked down and he could see her almost naked body, from her topless chest to her panties. GGGGGRRROOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLLLLLLL! His stomach was growling.
Summer, now covering her breast with her hands, gave him a very startled look. “I…I guess I’m kinda hungry,” Jason said as he drove his head into his pillow. She smiled at him. “Guess we lost the mood!” she said. “Well…uh…aren’t you hungry?” he said as a quick comeback. “Yeah, I am.” She replied. “Okay,” he started, “Let’s go to Nicole’s room and get some food.” “Oh?” she said kind of surprised, “You’re sure it’s okay? You know…that we don’t…” Jason sighed to himself. “We don’t have to today. We’ll do it next time.” He said. Her eyes opened wide and she moved closer to Jason. “Let’s try again…tomorrow,” she said as she closed her eyes. “Summer,” Jason started as he thought to himself, “I’m glad we didn’t. I don’t want to betray your sincere feelings. And if we just take it one step at a time together…we’ll make it to the next step...EVENTUALLY.”

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   Fireworks Part 4: Chapter 2-3 (well part of 3)
Chapter 2: Wait for Me
“I’m so pathetic,” he thought to himself, “Why am I so nervous? This was my idea! Even if she got in here with me, I’m not sure what to do!” “Uh…I’m a little shy. Could I ask you to face the wall,” she asked as she undid her bra. “Yeah, okay.” He said as he faced the wall. Ba-Bump, Ba-Bump, Ba-Bump, Ba-Bump, Ba-Bump, his heart beat faster and faster. FLAP. She pushed the curtain down, so she could get in. He turned his head the slightest bit. He started at her feet and worked his way up. Finally, Summer’s bare butt…covered by a towel. “Damn,” he thought, “Even if I am embarrassed, I really wanted to see her butt.” As he decided to break the silence that had befallen them, he was splashed with water. “Here,” she started, “I’ll wash your back.” He turned around, his back towards her. “You’ve got a big back,” she added. “Y-You think so?” he said turning his head slightly. “Hey! Don’t look back here!” she said as she slapped his back. “There,” she said as she used the shower heard to wash off the suds, “Nice and clean. You can do the front yourself.” “Great! Now it’s my turn to wash her! If I do this right, I’ll be able to check out her whole package,” he thought as a smile raced across his face.
“Okay. Now, I’ll wash yours. Hand me the showerhead.” He said as he put his hand up, implying she should hand him the showerhead. “What?! No…you don’t have to!” “No need to be shy,” he said turning around with that sinister and perverted grin on his face, “Hand it over.” WHACK! Her hand hit his face, “Stop it! You’re trying to get a look again!” “C’mon! Gimme the showerhead!” he said as he turned around completely. “No.” she said in defiance. THUD, she hit the floor of the shower. Jason sighed and got out of the shower. He pulled the towel from the light and used it to dry his head. Then he threw it into the sink, as she pulled the curtain to the side slightly. In fact, it was only enough to see her face.
“Sorry…are you mad?” she asked, still behind the curtain. He pulled his white t-shirt over his head and replied, “No, I’m not mad. If I stay here any longer, I might attack you. So…I’m gonna go stay in Charlie’s room.” “But why?” “Huh? Well…I…Geez…I just…I mean, I’m a guy…and…that means…to be honest, I wanna have SEX with you! I can’t hold back anymore! That’s why it’s dangerous for us to stay together! And it’s killing me!” He turned to look back at her, his eyes now closed, “Well anyway…that’s how I feel. I hope you appreciate that I held back.” He started to walk out the door, but she stopped him. “Jason,” she said, “There’s a hotel robe on the bed. Would you bring that in to me?” “Uh…Sure.” He walked out, grabbed the robe and thought to himself, “For a moment, I got my hopes up…I though she was gonna say she wanted to have sex too.” He walked back to the bathroom. “I put the robe over here,” he said as he placed the robe down on the bathroom counter. “Jason,” she said as he opened the door to leave, “I’m almost done. I’ll…be out soon. Wait for me…in bed.”

Chapter 3: The wall comes Down
“What’s that mean?!” he thought to himself. He closed the door and walked to the bed. “So that means…We’re gonna have sex…doesn’t it?” He whipped out his tooth brush and toothpaste, and began to brush his teeth. Shupa, shupa, shupa, Shupa, shupa, shupa, Shupa, shupa, shupa. “Crap,” he thought to himself, “What am I brushing my teeth here for? I’ve got not place to spit! Now what am I going to do?” KACHAK, JOLT! The door to the bathroom began to open. Jason hopped under the covers, spit out his tooth brush and swallowed the toothpaste…BLEECK! That part always gets me.

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   Fireworks Part 4: Chapter 1
Fireworks (Part 4):

Chapter 1: Showering together
“It’s a double. Just one double bed.” Jason thought. “Come on in,” Summer said, putting her hands behind her back. “I’m sorry,” Summer started, “I’m sorry that we tricked you into switching rooms.” “I thought that’s what was happening. Nicole sure wanted to stay in that suite.” “Well…I think Nicole was doing it for me, sort of. I wanted to be in the same room as you. But…But I’ll bet you wanted to stay in that big room.” “Huh? Nah…it’s okay…” “Oh? Just ‘Okay’?” “Well…I mean…I’d rather…share a room with you…” “Good!” she said as she ran over to her bag, “Look I got a bunch of snacks from Robbie.” “I’m really hungry! I won’t last until breakfast,” she said as she sat down on the bed. Jason sat down on the bed next to her and turned towards her. “I guess you must be a little disappointed,” she said as she moved a little closer to him, “You probably thought you might get to take a shower with Amber.” There was a really awkward pause. It only lasted about 5 seconds but to both of them it must have felt like an hour. “I want to take a shower with you,” Jason said breaking the silence. Summer jumped back with a surprised look on her face. “PSYCH!” Jason yelled, breaking the tension that was left in the wake of his earlier comment. “Did I shock you,” he asked. “N-No…” “Liar! You look like you totally freaked.” “I do not!”
“I get yelled at everyday, it’s really tough.” Summer said kneeling on the bed. “But you’re doing what you love. Hang in there.” “I guess so,” Summer said yawning. “I guess it’s time for bed,” Jason said as he brushed the hair out of Summer’s face. “Yeah,” Summer said blushing. “Uh…better take a shower,” Jason started as he stood up, his legs still half asleep from sitting Indian-style on the bed. “Okay,” Summer started, “You can go first.” “What are you talking about? Let’s go together.” Jason suggested as he held his head low. That same surprised look raced across Summer’s face. “You’re…You’re kidding!” “No, I mean it.” That look deepened on her face. “Well, we’re a couple aren’t we? There’s nothing strange about it. But if you don’t want to…I…” “No, you’re right…we’re a couple,” Summer said interrupting him.
His heart began to race as he thought to himself, “Now I’m getting all nervous. We’ll be completely naked. It feels kinda strange. Summer said it was okay. Still, standing here with my clothes off…I feel so embarrassed. Uh-Oh. Now I’m getting a little freaked out. The idea of having Summer in front of me naked…NAKED…Oh man!” He fell to the floor, “Oh man, I nearly passed out just thinking about it! Damn! If I get like this just thinking about it, how am I gonna have sex? Maybe getting naked is to big a step! That’s it! Underwear! We should just start showering with our underwear on!” “Can I come in,” Summer asked interrupting his train of thought. “Wait a sec,” he called back. He reached for a towel and wrapped it around his waist. “Damn this woodie! Even with the towel it’s still obvious,” he thought to himself, “Ah…the towel! That’s it! She can wrap herself in a bath towel! It might seem a little silly, but…” Click. The lights got darker. “What happened? It just got darker in here!” he asked. “Sorry, it was a little bright…so I put the towel on the light,” she answered. “The towel?! Oh no!” he thought. He looked behind the shower curtain, only to see her getting undressed. “She’s doing it…So I better get ready! This is gonna be it…right here, right now. MY FIRST TIME,” he started to think.

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Monday, November 5, 2007

   Story part 1:
Jordan Walton
Kinaya J. Ade
07 November 2007
English 121D1

Snow on Autumn’s Face
Through out my whole life until now, I had never been considered a ladies man. Let’s face it, I was the nerdy geek that everyone teased, picked on, and abused. I was shy, reclusive, and it seemed as though someday I would get tired of the world and go “Columbine” on everyone at school. It was as though no one could, or at least would try to understand me, my thoughts, or my feelings. Sometimes, I even began to doubt myself, to doubt my existence. Surely, there had to be more out there for me than the life of a no class, beat down fool.
But, life got better. In the 7th grade, I made friends that showed me that life doesn’t always forsake the good and meek. I first met them through my other friend, Robbie, who just by luck or a huge twist of fate decided that I was cool due to the way I handled an extreme situation. Jeremy Foster, 18, is the twin of my best friend Jeffrey Foster. Austin Livingston, lead guitarist of the band Vintage, and back up vocals for Robert (Robbie) Boswell, lead singer for Vintage. They started a chain of events that led to this moment, and changed not only my life, but theirs as well. Our fates have been intertwined since that day.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

   MY Girlfriend
Ok. So this past week, I went back home to spend some time with my girlfriend, AJ, and other friends...well, it was amazing. First I only got to see her for about 30 mins, but the next day I picked her up and we did some karaoke at my friend's house. It was weird but in a good way. She's so affectionate when she wants to be, and always keeps me in check (i am Miroku incarnate after all). If you want to know more, just comment.
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