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Thursday, November 22, 2007

My god how long has it been?

Cally: I don't know, where have You been?!

Uh... wait. Do I even Know You???

Cally: Good point....

Stop typing! This is My computer!!
Thank You (LoL)
Hey I know I havent been on for a long time (Omg! how long has it been since I last posted!!?)
Life has been okay... I just stopped coming on here0.0 Dunno why.
Merry Christmas!!!
hmmmm... something didn't sound right...
Oh yeah!
Happy Thanxgiving!!

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

(Jorge is a Jaguar)

Jorge was shot to death at the Denver Zoo, February 24, 2007. This was because of the failure of how to act when around Jaguars. A zoo worker who made a mistake was attacked by Jorge. The zoo workers decided to deem the Jaguar's life forfeit and murdered it, rather than using Non-Lethal ordinance. Because of the ignorance and ultimately the lack of regard for Jorge's life, both the worker and Jorge are dead. The sad tragedy is the fact that because of human superiority and ignorance reigns much akin to blaming the Pit Bulls for deaths rather than the humans that were involved. In such cases the Pit Bulls are always murdered. It is sad for Jorge, who found not protection in the Zoo, but death by those who were supposed to it provide for him.

Once again human ignorance and fear won out as Jorge is dead and he will not get a grave, nor proper respect. The Zoo thanks for support, but what about for Jorge who was truly the victim? Zoos should be responsible for knowing about animals, the animal's safety, and in the end, horrible mistakes, the lack of use of Non-Lethal Ordiance have resulted in two deaths. Go to Zoo's which truly show responsibility, not the Denver Zoo.

(c) 2007 Heart of the Wolf Organization

copy and paste this on your post to spread the knowlege of this wrong.

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Friday, May 4, 2007

i am so sorry, i'll try to get on a lot more but... i cant guaranteeXD
Thank You Once Again Guys^^

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Monday, April 9, 2007

home sweet home. . . . i think.. .. .. .. ..
Sup Guys?
sorry i havent posted for a long time, i went on a trip with my entire family (including aunts, uncles, cousins...) and i didnt find the time to use my laptop. Sorry! oh...and guess where i went...? u guessed it! (eh..did u?) Japan, i went back to Japan. well yah i'm back now.////

they've sure got some really nice stuff there (as in manga!!!! me got some ^^)

but along the ship journey there- i got sick and threw up over the side. and this little guy was all like "ewwwwwww" but then we went over a wave and HE threw up! ha! serves him right!
extra decerations from Starlightmks.com

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

hello ppl i am pretty new here so pleaz forgive me if i do anything stupid or naive(like how i often do^^)
well anyway if u have any insults, critisism, or any thing else feel free to p.m./private message me.
thats all i have to say today... tired from last night...so... Peirod.

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*hee, hee* *hee* thank you
miss Kikyou-Vampire anyway^_^

my sister's throwing a party in the living room. i can hear shouting... hmmm i'm gonna peek.

omg... a guy just threw a piece of cake at my sister. looks like shes going after him... (poor her right at her party. i only invite guys that i really know, so mine are usually girl-parties. i hope she gets him.)
hey thats MY hockey stick she picked up... oh, i see whats shes gonna do. smack!

5hr later...
yah... i know its late but i'm bored. and i cant sleep. mom just crammed all those guys and girls into my sisters bedroom... i wonder how shes doing. i can still hear screaming and giggles. i'm s o o o o o o tired that i'm gonna tell on mom now *yawn* b4 i fall asleep right here....

peace... at last.... *snore* *snore*

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