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Few things about me im a GUY! Im bisexual so if you dont like it move on with your life its the way i am. If you have no problems with that well get along just fine.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

.::What Kind Of Heart Do You Posses?::.

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You have the broken heart. Love was something you treasured the most, but was heart broken by your love. Now you don't ever want that to happen again. Always hiding for protection. You once had a beautiful heart, by since it was broken, it shattered into many pieces. You don't like having others get near you because of your fear. Love doesn't mean anything anymore, but you still want it. Maybe now you're not heart broken, but later on you will. You are very timid, always unaware of what happens around you. A confident person, who just needs a little push into the road. Don't make the same mistakes twice, one was enough, so go out there and live your dreams. Don't ever cling to the past, move on and reach your new goals.

Color(s): Crimson red, red, and maroon.
Quote: "It's hard to go on without your love..."
Element: Air
Animal: Bird
Word: Kage- Shadow
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Saturday, January 26, 2008


WOW two posts in a row whats wrong with me? haha
Today i have to go babysit my niece for a while but at least im makeing some money ^_^ and later on tonight is the winter formal dance (not so formal for me ill just wear what i want) which im not sure if its going to be fun like the last dance or just be bad like all the ones i had in middle school. Well thats all for now ^_^

Love ya guys,


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Friday, January 25, 2008

New Background

new background is the awesome anime loveless. Hope you all like it.

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