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I am with you always
I push life on its way

Whether in the brisk cold winter, or on a warm sunny day.

My blade will cut through the thickest of stone.
Ever since it all began I stand alone.

I am the Devil's Breath.
God's Redemption to sin.

I am Kuro Kaze
The cold, Black Wind.

Hey guys!
It's Hotaru Inagashi... a.k.a. Kuro Kaze! I am in the process of creating my new story. it's called "Darkness: the legend of the Nana Ryuu"...please sign my guest book...only a true demon samurai can be worthy of the title of a Nana Ryuu, one of my own! To those of u that have time on ur hands please read my story...its passage 1 its really good

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

   Its Valentines Day
i have fallen in love with the most beautiful girl alive and i cant help but think bout her all the time...
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Saturday, October 6, 2007

have you ever been broken...?
...in order to break that chain of constant hurt and heartache you have to wait for that special someone who will take long walks with you, take you away from your hell of a life and make you forget all of your problems... wait for the one who will kiss you on the forehead just to show their affection because they want to savor your lips at a more important time....wait for the person who will stay up all night just to watch you go to sleep...wait for the person that will rap both arms around you tight and look at you with so much love and care that it radiates off of them and out into the world...wait for the person that will dance with you without music just because they want to...wait for the person that will call you just to tell you how much they love you and to wish that you sleep peacefully...wait for the one who will always be there for u through thick and thin and forever more...but i still havent found that one yet...
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

i dont know wut to do right now i am caught in a tiny dillema...i have fallen for this girl like really fallen for her...but at the same time i like a friend of mine who i have had feelings for ever since the first moment i saw her...please explain to me how morally wrong this is...please help me someone..
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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

hey peeps...lol
HOTARU HERE and College is AWESOME ...im gauranteed to say that for another week before i absolutley hate it lol...okay funny story i am in algebra today and my teacher actually told me to "Mute" because i was answering all the questions...lol im smart lol...math is my worst subject too .lol...well im outtie lol hope every one is doing good luv ya peeps lol guys no homo...


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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

   hey everyone
it sux that the summer has to come to an end bt oh well...i started classes yesterday and im afreshman in COLLEGE...woohoo its sooo fun...not much else to say i guess chivalry aint dead so come and talk to me...lol
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