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Thursday, November 3, 2005

heh heh heh... rawr.

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Hey all! Welcome to the awesome month of November! Well, it has it's downside.
Good things about November:
I just may finish AU(ha ha, doubt it)
umm... I don't know? XD

Bad things:
The stupid Turkey Trot. We have to run around the neighborhood and get under 20 minutes -.- My friend and I just barely made it last time. But this time, I'll try harder!
November means it's almost December which means no snow again -_- we NEVER get snow.
...I guess that's it XD

and now, a rambling about Lost with Inu-chan

Inu: next week will be new baka.
Hotaru: b-but- WAAAAAAAAH!!! *starts rambling really fast* They'regoingtokillsomeoneandIdon'tknowwhosotheyhavetoputonanewepisodefast!!! *takes a breath*
Inu: o.o? Who are they going to kill?
Hotaru: I DUNNO!!! I know it's going to be a main female character! I think it'll be Shannon or Claire or Sun!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Inu: maybe they'll change their minds and kill Charlie
Hotaru: *slaps Inu* Shut up!!! If Claire dies, poor Charlie will have to take care of Aaron! And he'll be without his love! And they can't kill Shannon because what will poor Sayid do without her?!?!?! And they can't kill Sun because she's got a husband: Jin!
Inu: What about Kate?
Inu: Rose?
Hotaru: she's not main
Inu: Ana Lucia?
Hotaru: As much as we all hate her, she can't die
Inu: Libby?
Hotaru: she's no where near main... yet
Inu: Christina?
Hotaru: Who? o.o?
Inu: I don't know. I heard her name come up
Hotaru: when did you come to know so much about Lost?
Inu: you talk too much
Hotaru ... -_-;;
Inu: and you play 'Everybody Hates Hugo' too much. And you recite too many funny lines
Hotaru: "We've come to talking. They think we were on the plane too." "Great, now we can all sue Oceanic together."
Inu: see?
Hotaru: "I say jump, what do you say?" "You first!"
Inu: okay, you can stop now.
Hotaru: oh! one more! One more!
Inu: fine... >_>
Hotaru: "Maybe if you pray enough, Jesus Christ will come down, take 200 pounds and bring you a decent woman. And a new car. Yes, Jesus can bring you a new car. *phone rings* Oh! That must be Jesus. *answers phone* Yes! It is Jesus! He wants to know what color car you want!" XD I cracked up when I heard that.
Inu: please shut up now

Hee hee ^-^ Inu-chan was mad at me for a while after that
Inu: Damn straight!
me: ^.^;; Anyways... Guess what I did today!
Hiei: died?
Kurama: lived?
Inu: wanted to die?
Kagome: wanted to live?
Sango: got something?
Miroku: didn't get something?
Shippo: had a perfectly normal day?
me: Miroku and Shippo are the closet. I didn't get my game that was supposed to come today. I ordered Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition! It said it's going to be here Jan 3rd though!!! I'm so fuming about that! but when I get it, weather it's through Amazon or by going to a store... I'M GONNA MARRY LUMINA!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- because her daughter is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute X3
Inu, Hiei: O_o
me: what? I'm so anxious to be able to have a daughter! And a real daughter one day X3
Kouga: We already have two child names
me: *blushes frantically and hides face* The first son is Aaron! I love that name.
Inu: And I don't care.
me: I can't wait for a lot of stuff! So, by the way, how was everyone's Halloween? I had fun.
Hiei: I need to get pictures
me: I was Yuna from FFX, smart one.
Inu: were your eyes two different colors and did you have a staff and-?
me: I think you're learning too much from me.

All About My Day:
Currently Listening To: Just the Girl by the Click Five. Damn, I wuv this song X3
Currently Thinking About: stupid Amazon... gr... ><
Currently Eating: Halloween candy. They say that it's fun size, but it's TORTURE SIZE! ><
Currently Waiting For: Lost. Even if it's a repeat, I'll watch it because next week is a new episode where SOMEONE DIES!!! T_T
Now Listening To: You'll Think Of Me by Keith Urban. he's so cool X3 but this song is sad T-T

I want to thank everyone for:
A. 1000 Visits!!!!! O_O crazy dude XD
and B. 100 guest book entries!!!!! O_O double wow XD

So thanks! Here's more AU:

*~*Four Days Until Winter Break*~*

Shippo and Riniko were talking in art class.
"Hey..." Shippo said cautiously. Riniko tilted her head. "What's your favorite color?"
Riniko smiled. "I like pink! And blue, yellow and purple, but pink's my favorite!" she exclaimed in a slightly excited voice.
'Pink... got to remember that,' Shippo thought to himself as he smiled.
*~*After School*~*
Sango once again walked home with Miroku. She planned on getting him a Christmas present, but she had no clue what he'd like. She thought maybe she'd get him a book or something. But what book? This would be so hard!
Miroku looked at Sango, who was in deep thought. "You all right?" he asked her.
Sango shook her head and looked at him. "I'm fine," she said, but she sounded dazed.
Miroku took her hand. "You sure?"
Sango blushed and looked away. "Yeah, I'm sure," she answered in a small and soft voice.
Miroku smiled and then got lost in thought as well as Sango. Little did Sango know, Miroku was thinking about a Christmas present for her too.
*~*Three Days Before Winter Break*~*
It was Math class for Inuyasha and Kagome. Kagome and Inuyasha were working steadily.
"Inuyasha?" Kagome whispered to Inuyasha towards the end of class.
"What?" Inuyasha whispered back, looking up at Kagome with those beautiful amber eyes again.
"Do you like Relient K?" Kagome asked in a whisper.
"Yeah, they're cool," Inuyasha, replied. "I'm missing one of their albums though."
"Which one?" Kagome asked curiously.
"Ironically, the one called 'Relient K'," he whispered back and Kagome fought the urge to laugh.
Kagome smiled. "That's too bad," she said.
A second later, the bell rang, signaling the end of class.
*~*After School*~*
Hotaru, Harumi and Kouga walked home together that day. Kouga and Hotaru both seemed very happy, and held hands. Harumi observed this. The only thing she could think of was that they were getting presents for each other.
Harumi didn't know it. but she was right. Both Hotaru and Kouga were thinking about Christmas presents for each other. Hotaru was wondering if she had the right present for Kouga and Kouga was worried weather Hotaru liked the color he had chosen. Either way, they were worried about the other's reaction. They hid it well though. They laughed and chatted until Kouga had to go his separate way. Hotaru waved to him, telling him he'd see her tomorrow. He nodded and continued on his way home.
Well, what do you think? What do you think everyone is getting everyone else?
Anyways, I'm outta here. Time to watch the rerun of Lost!

Lot's of Love!

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