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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

O_O whole cow, it's been a while

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It's been a while, ne? I had to take a break for a while, but I'm back.
How's your month been? I've been having a crappy month -.- You really DON'T want to know...
Alright, so I was hoping to spice up my site somehow, since it's so plain. I'm keeping my Sapphire theme for a while.
BTW, Sapphire is my character in my 2-book series. She's the main character and she's one of my personal favs!
What do you think my next theme should be? Do you want me to introduce another character or do you want me to do an anime? Tell me what you want.
Anyways, last time I was here, we were starting AU chapter 5.
Current Progress on AU:
Finished chapters 1-11. 12 is having some... problems... >.>

**~Chapter Five~**

Fall came and went. So did Halloween and Thanksgiving. Before anyone knew it, it was almost Winter Break. Just a couple more days, and it'd be Winter Break. Most children couldn't wait. Sango was one. She couldn't wait to see her family. She was already starting to count down the days. Heck, she had been counting since the beginning of December.
*~*Five Days Until Winter Break*~*
"Okay Inuyasha, in three days, it's the last day before break!" Kagome said to Inuyasha in P.E. class. She was talking about their last math session before Winter Break.
"Feh, it'll be no problem!" Inuyasha said proudly.
Kagome giggled. Inuyasha was so stubborn and proud, but that was just the way she liked him.
"Hey... Kagome..." Inuyasha muttered and Kagome looked at him.
"What is it Inuyasha?" Kagome asked curiously.
"I... umm..." Inuyasha stuttered, a small blush on his face. Kagome continued to look at him curiously. "Feh, just don't be late!"
Kagome tilted her head, but she simply nodded and asked no more.
*~*Writing Class*~*
Hotaru had asked to come over to Kouga's in three days. She sat in writing class and waited for him to come in and tell her if she could come.
She didn't have to wait long. Kouga entered the class almost right after she sat down. Hotaru smiled warmly at him and he smiled back.
"Hey Hotaru," Kouga said as he sat down. "Mom said you could come."
Hotaru's smile widened.
"That's great!" Hotaru said with a smile.
Kouga smiled too.
"Hey Kouga?" Hotaru asked. "What's your favorite color?"
Kouga looked at her curiously, but answered, "Brown."
Hotaru's smile widened. "Okay, thanks." And at that time, the teacher came in.

What do you think Inu-chan was going to say? And why do you think Hotaru asked Kouga his favorite color? Think about it ^_~
I want to give you a little preview of my book with Sapphire in it. I'll give you little sneaks now and then. This is the intro to the book, and it's the origin of Sapphire's name(Sapphire is not Sapphire's first name).

For most of her life, Tanith Sapphire Ramsey had been called Tanith. Tanith was what her mother called her. Tanith was what her siblings called her. It was always Tanith, and she never liked the name. When she became 15, her birthday wish was that everyone would call her Sapphire. The next day, she signed ‘Sapphire’ on a school paper, and things just followed along after that. Her mother, siblings and friends started calling her Sapphire. And from there, she became permanently called Sapphire to all except one…

^_~ Hope you liked that! Here's a picture of Sapphire and... somebody X3 I'm kiding. His name is Will and you meet him later. I thnk it's page two XD

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Lot's of Love!

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