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Sunday, October 2, 2005

... >.> meh

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Anyways... I've got a couple of things to say. One is... thanks ^^
Because of you guys, I've got 102 GB signings and my popularity is under 1000! Thanks so much you guys ^^ you guys rule
Another is... I don't know XD
I feel a little sad right now <_< I don't know why though.
Anyways, I'll put up more AU I guess ._.

*~*Math Class With Kouga and Hotaru On Monday*~*

When Hotaru was switched, she found herself switched into Kouga's class. She was very happy and sad at the same time. She was happy, because she had another class with Kouga, but sad because she had one less class with Sango. But she would deal with it.
But in that class, there was a girl. Ayame was her name. She was a pain. No, she was REALLY a pain.
That day, it seemed more painful then usual.
"But I love you Kouga!" Ayame wailed. All heads were already turned her direction. Kouga sat with Hotaru while Ayame stood, wailing and wailing at them.
"Well too bad," Kouga retorted. He would always say that, never put up much more of an argument, saying it was a waste of time.
"But you said you'd ALWAYS love me when we were younger!" Ayame kept wailing.
Hotaru's eyes widened. That was new. She'd never said that.
"Too bad!" Kouga exclaimed. "I love someone new now!"
"WHO?" Ayame screamed, tears in her eyes.
"Hotaru!" Kouga yelled, standing up abruptly.
The class went silent. Hotaru's face turned beat red. Love? No way... right?
"THAT IDIOT?" Ayame screeched, pointing at Hotaru.
Hotaru's eyes filled with tears.
The classroom was silent. Ayame still had tears in her eyes. Suddenly, the teacher entered.
"Is something wrong?" he asked in an odd and squeaky voice.
"No..." Kouga said after a small pause. "Nothing at all."
"Very good!" the teacher squeaked. The guy was so thick.
Kouga and Ayame sat back down as class begun. Hotaru was distracted, still thinking about what Kouga had said.
'He doesn't LOVE me... does he?' she thought. 'Or... maybe he does... do I? Do I love him?' She stopped thinking long enough to take a few notes. 'Yes... I think I do... I think... I think I love Kouga Ookami!'
**~End Chapter Four~**

X3 I bet no one knew why I liked that part. Anyways, next time I post(which will probably tonight) I'll start chapter five which is Christmas ^.^

I'm close to being done with chapter 8, but I can't write it. Something's nagging me again. But I know what it is >.> it's going to be nagging me for quite a while if it's what I think it is
Oh well. I better go try to write

Lot's of Love!

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