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Sunday, September 25, 2005


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I'm afraid I've come down with a cold.
everyone: *steps away*
me: >.> *cough* anyways... <.< yeah. Dunno. I decided to post today. Right now at... 2:30 PM to say that
And also... to say some stuff about AU

AU Info:
1) AU has now become a trilogy... O_O I know >.>
2) AU chapter 6(which I'm writing) is really dramatic. It reveals Sango, Miroku and Kouga's pasts. But I'm not done with Kouga's past *smirk* nope, not yet. I also haven't explained all of Hotaru, Kagome, Shippo or Riniko's pasts. Or Naraku's for that matter. Naraku's past makes me want to pity him >.>
3) If you've been reading AU, congrats. This will tell me so. Because I got really sad on... I think it was Thursday... and I thought no one cared about AU except two of my onee-chans and my nee-chan. Sooooo...
go here:

Now, more AU Chapter 4:

*~*The Next Day, After School*~*

Finally, Shippo would get to see Riniko's gymnastic routine. A lot of girls at the school had showed up, including Mayuki. Some guys had shown up too, but the crowd consisted of mainly girls.
The girls in the gymnastic club were all dressed in shirts and shorts, all being casual. Shippo spotted Riniko in a pink shirt and jean shorts that looked like they had once been jeans, but were cut. She looked absolutely gorgeous, even if it was in just casual clothes.
The first girls were all right, but most of the girls in the crowd were looking forward to seeing Riniko.
Finally, it was Riniko's turn. The girls looked like they were just waiting to cheer for Riniko. Riniko got up onto the balance beam and took a deep breath. She did a cartwheel, two, and three, backwards flip. She landed in the middle of the beam. Then she did another cartwheel, turned around and did two more. Then she turned around again and did two flips. When she landed, she was right on the edge. She bowed and waved to everyone in the crowd. The crowd erupted into cheers. Shippo was cheering as well. He saw Riniko wave to him with a small blush on her face.
*~*The Next Day At Lunch*~*
That day, the girls saw Miroku talking to a very pretty girl. Her eyes were deep indigo and her hair was dyed a light shade of blue. Her hair was wavy and it went about to her shoulders. She smiled all the time. Hotaru looked at Sango. She looked pissed. Very pissed.
"Dirty pervert..." she muttered.
"Maybe she's a new girl!" Kagome pointed out, trying to calm her pissed-off friend. "He IS in Student Council, you know."
"Yes..." Sango muttered. "I know. But why is it HIM? Why not have a GIRL show HER around."
Hotaru saw that there was only one way to calm her friend. It was to distract her.
"Don't you have practice today Sango?" she asked and Sango looked at her.
"Yeah, I do. But what does that-"
"Oh! I bet you're so good! I wish I could be there!" Hotaru exclaimed.
They managed to keep Sango distracted from Miroku until lunch ended.

I don't like that part >.> Both of those really, but oh well.

Lot's of Love! *cough*

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