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Northern Lights, Shaman King 2nd open theme

well hello minna-sans. welcome to my own site and yes, i chose horohoro and ren to be my username since i like ren a lot and horohoro second. but they also make a good love team what you think? well nevermind but dont ever forget to sign my guestbook in case you had dropped by. ok till then sayonara for now!

a member of the following:

and as a proof of ren and horo's relationship here's the marriage certificate:

Certificate of Marriage

This is to certify that
Ren Tao + Horohoro
were married
on the 08th day of April 2005

~~~~~~ MYFC ~~~~~~

thankschibicreatorfor the button

and yeah killu ren for this nice button too. your so nice to me. keep that up ok

thanks for being there for me hororen

Friday, January 14, 2005

   hunters love

thouh leorio and kurapica make a fine couple, i find his picture nice and eye catching (well it doesnt go for all of us) hehe!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

   harassing ren!

well as i was saying i like it when these two are being paired. hey hieikillua were you got that pic of horohoro and ren in your site please do tell me ok. and yes im sorry if you folks dont like them do be paired but i really do appreciate it and im not a hentai lover ok please do take note.

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