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FIRST of all welcome to my page =] I donít really have anything to say about myself since its one of the toughest things for me to do and itís for me to describe myself. Eventually Iíll find some words to go with this hehe. Iím a regular teen living life, if you decide to label me go ahead. Have fun trying to find the right one. If you can even find it =P. I consider myself having a complex personality, but who really knows? Im a writer, artist, singer blah blah blah anything that involves creativity Iíll probably do hehe =]. I adore music, all kinds x3. I donít really have a favorite of things, thatís all I can say. Colors I do have and thatís blue and green. Other than that please donít ask me what I have for a favorite, if you do ask its okay though I wont get mad at you lol. I can be a VERY random person, but thatís what I like about myself. Go ahead and check out my artwork or anything else lol. I get along with almost anyone so feel free to sign my gb and Iíll sign yours in return. Okay I guess thatís it, see I told you I would figure out something =]. Byes! x]
<3 honduprincess13 <3

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

awesomness =]

awesome song =] lol

another awesome song hehe

well that was the entertainment for tonight [tehe], so how is everybody?

i know i've been ignoring my site again, but with VV coming i really want to wait before i decide to change anything, including posts. plus this weekend, the site was down, so thinking it was going to be fixed today TheO still isnt up. i really want to submit in a drawing too lol. [patience is the key stephanie, patience, ya i know ^^]
[lol ya i know im weird too ^^]

other than those random blurbs, whats new with everyone, life, friends, school? anything random you feel like telling me? lol

well im here for ya, so feel free to p.m. me
talk to you soon =]

- honduprincess13

p.s. the magical amount ... lol [that phrase from the commercial has been stuck in my head for the LONGEST TIME! hehe]


3 [or 4] hours countdown to VV
FIESTA!!! lmaooo

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