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Monday, December 21, 2009


(> <) <--The World Domination Begins...

Well shockingly, I happened to remember Myo and randomly thought to myself: "Hey, it's been a while... I wonder what everyone is up to or if anyone I know still comes on." And to my surprise, I actually see a few friends still active. Well for those that even remember me or would even visit my site, or miraculously leave a comment. I hope you've been doing well since my absence and life hasn't been so bleak or unhappy. Stay an optimist. It's true life smacks you down a lot, but for those mere seconds that is doesn't... their considered gifts. As well are the loved ones and friends among you that still care and love you unconditionally. The rough trail your on is bound to be smooth and lovely. So hang in there.

Now on to other things...
Life on my end has been decent. Mind you i have had my ups and downs quite often, but all things come to those that wait. I'm currently living (Which i might not be soon if things don't start looking up) in Nevada with my brother and I'm trying to get my stuff together and go to college in Jan. Yet as my brother told me last night: "I know you have plans, and degrees are gold in this world... but ask yourself. Will that be enough? Not everyone with degrees get jobs now a days Vanessa. most of them are getting by with meager jobs, and with their degrees hanging on there walls as a constant reminder of the years they wasted." I can't help but agree with him to a certain extent. I know a few people that have gotten degrees and can't even get a job for the same fields they studied under or in. I know he wishes me well and only wants to see me succeed in life. Yet to waist my life for a passion that might not even be profitable seems to be...

I won't be home for Christmas, another thing that's eating at me slowly. The Christmas spirit is seriously lacking here and as my thoughts roam to home. In that, my mind fills with home baked fudge, Christmas cookies, Tamales, joy, laughter and other traditional things. This year I'm home sick, yet even so I can't help but hope for the best in where I'm at.

With that said...
I cut my long hair short into layers, and I have met quite a few great people this year. I'm grateful for my family, friends and cherished moments from this year. Looking forward to the new year with some expectation, yet I have my doubts.. I'm trying not to have them though.
Well I hope everyone is in the best of health and don't forget to hold on to those you love. And pucker up under the mistletoe ladies, prince charming might be closer than you think.

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